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Are zippos good to smoke with

Discussion in 'General' started by Up and away1235, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Alright so I just bought a zippo, filled it up but when you light it you can smell the fumes so I just wondered does anybody out there smoke using one? oh and I smoke pipes more than anything else peace:hello::cool:
  2. You can if you please, but trust is pretty nasty to taste, lotta fumes compared to a bic lol
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    nah i personally don't think they're too great for weed. cigars yeah but not mj. plus as josh said they let out lots of fumes haha

    edit: blunts too i guess. but i wouldn't light a j with one
  4. They won't do well with bowls I'm sure but if you just wanna have a joint or blunt outside they do well.
  5. If you can get past the petrol taste when you first spark up then I guess they're okay, I dont mind using them for a ciggi but I would never used em for lighting a joint or a blunt up, it really taints those first few clean lovely tokes plus a couple times they have charred up the top end of my zoot cz the flames can get wild on those things when your outside.
  6. If you have cheep fluid it sucks. If you buy quality fluid it taste perfect and lets less fumes then a bic
  7. Idk man I tried both shit fluid and the recommended Zippo fuel ( is that the quality stuff you speak of?) and both tasted like shit, and that was for a bong, can't imagine with a bowl lol
  8. The newer Zippo Blu (Butane) are very nice, But average zippo is very hard to light a bowl with
  9. Thanks I pretty much excpected all these answers but was hoping it would taste better because I don't know about you guys but they're pretty sweet
  10. They're good for joints and blunts but that's it. If you don't like the taste, buy the fluid that's made by zippo, it's tasteless and scentless.
  11. As long as it isn't weed.
  12. I think it's not the best thing to light the pipe... but, I don't have anything against it.


    I used to love them, until they started to ban lighters on airplanes.

    Ever since they made you throw away lighters at the security checkpoint before boarding the plane, I stopped using zippos or any other 'cool' lighters...
  13. for blunts only, maybe fat spliffs too but not pipes certainly.

  14. That's weird, what airports?
    I traveled a lot with large and small different lighters, here in the US, and few countries and never was asked to throw it away. Actually I remember in Germany they asked to take it out of the bag because it was too big (was a cigarette holder and lighter in one), then they checked it and returned it back to me. Just put it in your bag to be sure, but they let me through with a bic in my pocket before.
  15. In China. In Bangkok... In Hong Kong... and In Europe, I'm not sure.

    In China, Guangzhou, they had me remove all lighters from my pockets and carry on bags. I tried to remove them as best as I could, but I forget one in the bag, which they quickly discovered and had me throw away.

    I was kind of frustrated at all this... but I guess it's for the best.

    Then once inside the departure hall, I walked around looking at things... and found a smoking room. Immediately I went in, thinking it's time for a smoke. Inside, there were three-four men, smoking their cigarettes.

    I took out my Marlboro and put it in my mouth, but I quickly remembered I had no lighter.

    Then I saw a lighter, fixed on the table next to the ashtray. I tried to light my ciggy with that, but even after many tries, I couldn't get it to light.

    Then, one of the man in the smoking room came over to me, took out a common lighter from his pocket, and lit it for me!

    And I screamed in my thought,

    'How the fuck did he get it in here?!'

    True story.

  16. lol that's weird man, but I never been to any Asian countries so I dunno bout that. But in Paris, Munich and Frankfurt airports they were all extra nice in regard to lighters and some other stuff I had. oh and don't you just love those smoking rooms? fucking US airports I dunno why they won't built these rooms in big airports. It's getting harder and harder for smokers out there to travel haha
  17. I used a Zippo to smoke cigarettes for a long time. People always commented about how nasty the fumes taste. I never noticed any difference. Eventually, I needed a multi-purpose lighter for bowls and bongs. Bic lighters are cheap and effective, hands down.

  18. The smoking rooms in the airports USED to be nice, but these days they're getting smaller and smaller...

    These days I hesitate to go in there coz when you come out, you smell like ashtray.

    Smoking rooms have always been smelly, but I guess when I was younger, I didn't care if I smelled like ashtray... but as I got older, I do care how I smell.
  19. I use a zippo for blunts and joints. But for bowls I have a back up bic. You cant beat the style of a zippo

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  20. Get the thunderbird butane insert, they have one angled for pipes.


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