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Are you worried about overpaying for weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mur, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Check out this site then. Gives you an idea of what other people are paying for weed (depending on quality and amount) in your state/country.*

    And be sure to contribute to the site, as to give future visitors a better indication for what they are paying?

    The Price of Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis -

    *Do take it with a grain of salt. Like other sites like wikipedia, anyone can add info to it, so some of the stats might be skewed.
  2. know the local rates and check the quality.

  3. some people don't have many connections/don't know many people who smoke weed so it is hard for them to know the local rates.

    for first time smokers/misinformed people, it might be hard for them to 'check the quality'.
  4. Maybe this gives a general guideline, but prices ultimately vary depending on who you know. Know the right person, and bud can be a whole lot cheaper.
  5. no, i can get low end medical 25 an 8th, 35 for mid grade medical, and 45 an 8th for high grade strains like og kush, AK, durban poisen.... the 25 dollar lows are typically shake and still get you high as hell. usually 60 to 70 for a quad of high grade. all are very good quality, high grade just blows your mind. colorado.
  6. ^^^ what he said.

    My homie and I recently found a new club in San Francisco with nice $20 eighths... bomb
  7. Don't like the sound of the prices for low quality here

    Attached Files:

  8. holy fuck theres multiple submissions from my town for 500 a zip?!?!?! if someone told me that i'd slap em haha

  9. Holy shit! I go through an ounce in 2 weeks I'd be in debt if I paid that much! lol

    To the OP: I know the price of weed in my area (Ontario, Canada) so I don't worry at all, the only times I THINK I'm over paying is when I order online but even then it's less then what alot of ppl I've heard pay for weed. Always good to check GC or other forums if you're unsure
  10. I've been paying 925 a qp for the longest time of ALL kush strains mostly here and there some highgrade strains can't really complain hook ppl up with an eighth for $40 and your caking!!!! It no longer becomes an expense smoke good weed for free nothing better LOVE CANADA!!!!!

  11. haha dude, according to this site north in canada high grade oz can go to 900$
  12. 900$ ounces in Canada haha thats the funny thing I`ve ever heard!!!!
  13. Definitely a cool site, I link to it a lot when people make vague threads asking what they should be paying for weed, not taking into account the severe price difference depending on location.

    It's obviously not completely accurate, since it's just an average of what people who respond to the site have paid. But I think it'll give most people at least a decent idea of what they should be paying.

  14. haha dude, look at it it's like in the middle of a glaciar. nanvut something.
    8 people gave it. That's just crazy.
  15. Wowww dudeeee you got alottttttt of postsss you must of been here since day 1!!!!
  16. Yeah I hear yaa wowww the most I everrrrrrrrr paid was $310 for an ounce of half UK Cheese and King Kush both were fuckin incrediblee worth every damn penny!!!!

  17. Whoa you must be really high hahaha
    Last I paid 180bucks for a half.

    PD I am too, high as an STD filled donkey.

  18. Whoa you must be really high hahaha
    Last I paid 180bucks for a half.

    PD I am too, high as an STD filled donkey.

  19. My last purchase was $160 for an ounce of dank.

    Just goes to show ya how much price differs by location, and also depending on the people you know. There was a time when I had never paid less than $250 for an ounce. :p
  20. Used to worry until I got a new connect. Quarter zip for $30 when I was paying $20 a gram is amazing haha

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