are YOU the guy with the tupperware?!?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by cannabisblunt, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Well ill start off my story when I went up to Lake Tahoe this weekend. i had gone with a group of friends in May, and we threw a fat party at my friend Andy's condo for two nights, finishing a keg between 6 people.

    Anyways, when I was at dinner at a fancy sushi restaurant this weekend I saw one of Andy's tahoe friends that he hangs out with every once in a while. He looked like the biggest stereotypical stoner, tall, droopy eyes...probably looks just like all of you guys ;). I was sitting there thinking "NO WAY! thats the guy that had about 10 different strains of pot in his tubberware contaners!" After dinner I go up to him and ask him if he remembers me. He said he remembered the party and ripping the bong i brought up. Previously, i had only referenced this kid as "the stoner with the tubberware full of weed" because he seriously had about 3 plate sized bowls of dank in tupperware, with about 4 different baggies labeled different strains per tubberware.

    To make it short, I ask him his name, and if he was the guy with the hook up. He lets me buy an eighth of his tahoe dank for only 30 bucks! I was amazed at how chill he was. Afterwards we shook hands and he told me to hit him up whenever I am in town or at the sushi restaurant. Thank god for legit random encounters, now im tokin on some nice tahoe dank! :p:smoke:
  2. Sounds awesome man... Bet that made your night haha.

    Good stomach full of sushi and a cheap 1/8 of dank.... sounds nice :hello:
  3. yup i was stoked. i wanted to burn with him, but he was on the job so we couldnt. overall it was an awesome night
  4. Cool story. What was the strain he sold you?
  5. some frosty GDP, great stuff
  6. Nice! GDP has gotta be one of my favorites when done right.

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