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Are you the biggest stoner you know?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Crunge, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. Could you say you smoke the most out of your circle? Do you make more hash than anyone?

    I don't know if I'm the biggest stoner out of my toking friends. I hardly smoke, but I definitely know a lot more than they do.

    What about you Blades out there?
  2. This anecdote doesn't account for old school hippies(retired smokers) or growers I know:

    Embarrassingly, I thought I was a huge pothead, snob stoner guy when I got to college...then I met rich kids. And kids from weed friendly states, while even though I did grow up smoking blunts and quality marijuana, these kids had over $100 dollar pieces smoked an oz in a couple days like it was nothing, I was overwhelemed with envy.

    So I got in contact with my old hookup from high school and exploited the rich kids, enabling me to smoke way too much marijuana, up to an oz a week.

    Recently I have been running lots of BHO as well, and well it just motivates me to get on the grind more so I have more "free bud" or money to Dave for life's endouveours and some cool pieces.

    I know now I smoke more than the kids I was jealous of freshman year I college, just I I devoted ray energy to school I wouldn't be having south trouble with my master's right now...

    End of story, not that cool to be the biggest stoner out of your friends.
  3. No i am not
  4. Nope, but I'm barely a stoner lol, quarter last me months
  5. Of my friends? By far. It's like I'm the ganja guru at my household. But I've only been smoking about a year and a half. I know enough to have conversations with anyone I meet. And my claim to fame piece is my Signature series helix. I have the only grinder of my friends, so we all use it and have great amounts of kief.

    I know I'm no master of weed knowledge. But I will affirm that I'm still 95% more knowledgeable than the rich kids burning ounces weekly or selling on my campus. They just smoke a lot. Doesn't mean they know all about what they're doing sometimes. Sometimes moderation or frugglness is more stoner than wasting bills and chiefing pounds in my book.
  6. Meh, I guess so. I definitely smoke a lot more than some of my friends, but among all the friends who smoke as much as I do, we're all in the same league.

    Though one of my friends specifically smokes way more than anyone else. He's got a bitching job that was obtained through family and pays AWESOME and lives with extremely weed friendly parents for summers so as a result he can run pounds of bud for oil at his house and smoke there whenever he wants. I mean hell, if I had that living and working arrangement I'd probably be the same way.

    But I'd be willing to wager I know more about weed and concentrates than most people I meet.
  7. Yeah pretty much. Back in highschool I always had bud in my left or right pocket. Sometimes they were both filled with weed. Now that everyone has kinda moved on since highschool its not really a tight group of friends anymore.

    We all still chill just not in one big group because we have jobs, kids, and shit we gotta do. I think my one friend smokes more then me right now but I'm trying to curb my tolerance anyway. Plus his girl loves weed as much as me and has enough paraphenelia to open a shop. So right now its a tie between me and two others. Before it was me hands down but I stopped cold turkey and sold everything at one point for a job.
  8. i have only ever meet 2 kids in my 5+ years of blazing that were bigger stoners then me. some smoked more at times but never had the knowledge or consistency i have had.
  9. i know people who have been smoking a lot longer than i have and could out smoke me any day but i definitely have a lot more knowledge about MJ than they do.

  10. *asian voice* knowledge is the key young grasshopper
  11. I dont have any friends that smoke with me regularly. The thing is, in England, most people my age group who smoke weed are chavvy wankers. So really im the only stoner i know.
  12. I'm the biggest unmentionable guru I know, weed, nah my best friend smokes a bit more than I do.
  13. I blow few ounces like a machine.. Smoke a half in a night now that's boss shit
  14. [quote name='"Billygo"']I blow few ounces like a machine.. Smoke a half in a night now that's boss shit[/quote]

    Aren't you cool.
  15. [quote name='"Billygo"']I blow few ounces like a machine.. Smoke a half in a night now that's boss shit[/quote]

    Thats expensive, wasted shit lol, when i could smoke a gram of dank and get plenty high
  16. Im the stoniest character I know if that makes sense, Im just a dopey bastard half the time bit like saul silver of pineapple express. It takes me ages to register things and im always having trouble with things. Plus i never get angry like ever haha.

    But I dont smoke the most out of everyone I know, I know of one girl who smokes all day every day, would if i could :(
  17. I definitely am, none of my friends smoke like I do lol. Actually theres only one Kid i can think offbeat smokes as much as me, but I don't get to see him much cuz he lives on the east coast. He will prob read this actually haha. It's funny tho, my friends from Boston smoke more than my new friends in California, kinda weird. My friends out here don't really have jobs and I work full time so that has something to do with it
  18. Um... I'm among the top ranked in my group. Haha but I don't have a job like the others so money is limited. I'm still blazin every morning, through the day, and before bed. Although I am one of the most knowledgeable. Little do any of them know that I got three plants. Psh they ain't got the slightest idea.
  19. not really.. i stay high more than any one i know but i people who make money and smoke 100s of dollars all day...
  20. I think there is one person I know who smokes more than me :D

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