Are you talkative or quiet while high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bamboobam, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. I am way more talkative when I am high than when I am sober. I find the corniest/funniest things even funnier and I do commentary when I watch movies more. 

  2. I'm talkative around people I know when I'm high but if someone's there that I don't know well I'm usually quiet Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  3. For the first half of it I want to talk for the second half I just want to be quiet and then BOPO
  5. Both? It just depends. I talk A LOT a lot around friends anyway
  6. I don't like to talk high cause I always fuck up what I wanna say. So unless you're a close friend you're getting gestures and facial expressions as a response. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  7. all depends on how high i am. if i have a light or medium high yeah im talkative. but if im heavily medicated i wont say a word :smoking:
  8. Im usually pretty social-able when sober, but once I get properly medicated unless your funny or interesting I could give a fuck... :bolt:
  9. I'm super talkative IRL so weed just makes me more of a focused talker i find. i'm always asking my friends questions and shit.
  10. Depends on who I'm with. If I'm with good friends or just a few people I'll talk a lot but if I'm in a group setting I'll just stay quiet.
  11. Generally im a fairly talkative fuck...
    If theres someone i havent met im generally quiet for the first ten minutes or so while im feelin em out. Once they've been felt up by my mind though its game on verbally.
    Im an introverted extrovert lol 
    I cant just bust in to social situations and feel comfortable but once i feel comfy im a really talkative guy
  12. I'm pretty much the same way. More introverted around a large group of people/people I don't know.
  13. Usually I'm talkative ,but really it just depends upon the people I'm around.
    Ain't that the truth? There are some peeps that I can be goofy-stoned around and have such fun talking about whatever. Then there's some people where I'm like, "uh, yeah... um hum..."
    Man - this is like DeJa Vu. 
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    Way more talkative. As long as I'm out of the house or with friends.
  16. Depends on where I'm at. Mainly quiet and laidback.
  17. I tend to go in and out. One second I can't keep my thoughts to myself, and the next second I'm completely in my head. I had a friend who wasn't used to smking with me, so when I randomly shut down he thought I was judging him and kept correcting everything he said lol poor guy

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  18. Depends, are we talking sativas or indicas or hybrids? I'm a naturally shy person, so unless I'm with my good friends, I tend to go into a shell of my own thoughts while I'm high. If you see me talkative, it's because of unmentionables.
  19. Used to be quiet, now I'm talkative
  20. When im high im way more friendlier and talkative... Now that i think of it, ive made alot of friends while im high, and they didnt even know i was high! Unless im completely stoned, if thats the case i just sit there >_>

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