Are you still in School?

Discussion in 'General' started by EASYlivin, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I wanted to see how many highschoolers and college students use this forum:D

    I vote first, as college student:smoke:
  2. Obviously still in school
  3. Nope, I failed out of college due to never going to class.

    I'm trying to get money up to go back now.
  4. Yeah dude we get it. You're training to be a firefighter. You don't have to point it out in every post you make.

    I'm in college too.
  5. Im training to be a firefighter.

  6. Went for a year to a community college, then stopped so I could work. I plan on going and taking some random classes here and there.
  7. college sophomore! woot! at a cimmunity college fml
  8. sophomore in college :)
  9. college junior! haha at a state college in new hampshire
  10. I'm not a student anymore, but I still work part time at the department in which I majored. To students walking by, I look and act just like one of them.
  11. Hey, aren't you the guy training to be an EMT?
  12. College....and I fucking hate it, why I decided to go back to school is kind of baffling me at the moment.
  13. Nothing right now, just working a full time job.
  14. going to school for the ladies:eek:
  15. College senior!! :cool:

    ...grad school next :eek:
  16. I keep it real world mahfuckas.
  17. graduated last year
  18. Trolling in college
  19. Just left school for awhile, trying to get some real life experiences before i graduate and trying to save some money. Being in school consistently doesn't seem healthy to me, it seems like a lot of my friends are in a fantasy college world and have little to no real world "smarts", pretty pathetic.
  20. no real world homie

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