Are you smoking pot? No were simply watching birds...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MagicMike04, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. A couple days ago I was smoking with a friend of mine during the last period of the day at my school. We had prep an were just smoking a bowl in the woods waiting for another friend to get out of school an give us a ride. I dont know if you guys have these, but we have these hall monitors who like go overkill on their job. An we were being stalked in the woods by this little imp woman in a rain coat. Eventually she revealed herself an said "Your smoking marijuna!". My friend with his stoner reflexes cupped the bowl an put it in his pocket as I lit a cig. She continued to bug out an tell us that she was taking us up to the office. We kept giving her a rediculously hard time an she started to use her little walkie talkie to tell someone to call police or something. So we bounced through the woods an she was like running after us, this 48 year oldish woman. An we got up this old tree that kids used to have a tree house in an when the principal got down there we said we were bird watching. The guy just laughed an let us off the hook.
  2. little imp(haha) that was a funny story if u want check mine out and tell me wat u think
  3. lol!
    dam dude that reminds me of a story similar to yours..
    ok so me and a few friends are chillin in the woods across the street from school
    just mindin our business smokin some bud
    all of a sudden everyone fell quite..
    we hear a motor, it was getting closer
    but it was a familiar sound,
    it was 2 hall monitors!
    they were on some "gator" vehicle
    anyways everyone scattered, one guy fell in a a pile of thorns while i leaped over him
    we all made it out of the woods into the field where anyone could see us
    then the same hall monitors pull up laughing
    turns out they bet on if we would run or not
    idk if they knew about us smoking but it was that kind of group of ppl that everyone in school know smokes alot so im sure it wasn't hard to figure out
    after all the excitement they told us to "stay in school" and just left

    ...those were the days...
  4. hah hella epic.
  5. haha reminds me of my hgihschool, we had a huggggge woods behind our school that led to crazyness, just hella woods n fields n woods. we would always skip n shit n go down there n blaze, smoke ciggs, w/e. weve run from fools sooo many times n hid haha. 1 time my boy fell in the river cause theres like a little short bridge and a river things beneath hahaha lmao
  6. When I was a freshman in highschool, i used to hang out with a bunch of the seniors. we would go out and smoke like 3 0r 4 times a day and skip whole days and shit on school grounds. one time this black security guard (Highlighter because of their bright yellow jackets) came and caught us smoking down the road at our chill spot and tried to hurry us along. i ditched all my supplies over a low wall and when we got to school, none of us had anything on us. so the administrator just laughed at the highlighter and let us go.
  7. ever since I played Peace Walker, whenever someone questions my motives, accuses me of anything, or tries to make me do something I don't want to do, I just tell them I'm an Ornithologist. They usually leave me alone after that..
  8. sounds like a good plan man. i was always told "deny everything"
  9. but you were smoking pot:confused_2:

    so basically you OP are a liar!!!:cool:
  10. Should have killed her

  11. I'm giving you rep just because I could picture you jumping over that guy.

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