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Are you smart enough to fool yourself?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Aug 25, 2003.


Are you smart enough to fool yourself?

  1. Yes.

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  2. No.

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  3. neither yes or no.

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  1. ;)

    i'm sayin nuthin until a few people post replies... i wanna see what yas all think about the question.
  2. i try. i try really really hard. but i think my "self" is smarter than me.
  3. I can fool all of the me some of the time, and some of the me all of the time, but I can't fool all of the me all of the time.

  4. i've never managed to be dumb enough to fool myself but i've been dumb enough to be fooled by myself tho. i've been smart enough to fool myself several times, but as time passes and i get smarter the me that was once fool enough to be fooled by myself catches up and become smart enough to eventually figure out i had fooled myself.

    such just happened again today (thus why i posted this thread). it was cool to see, but no one saw, but indeed i said out loud to me, "ah, i see, i tricked me, for my own good." and "i must know myself better than i thought". :)

    i know i'm still in the process of having tricked myself a couple of other times too, i am still to realise it tho.

    for those of you who want to start tricking yourself... start witht he simplest way... you are a stoner. stml? .... see where i'm going with this? do something during stml that you know you'll find out about later but dont want to know of in teh near presentfuture (like hide your weed so you'll have more later).

    it's a good technique.


    brain flexing.

    hatebreeder streatches his penis, I streatch my mind. :D hehe

    hey zonedude, i know i've most probably said thsi before, but u r my kinda stoner. ... well, logically nearly every stoner is my kinda stoner... just you more than most. ... how long has it been now? and i wanna know to the very second as it is when you reach the end of this sentence.


    highawatha, if trying really hard hasnt been working, try not trying so hard next time you wanna fool yourself.

    well, my clone just fooled me, so i guess you're right, it does help to have a clone. oi, kraziwabbit, u wanna stop fooling me and have a therapy session. :p "and some of the me all of the time" thats "me" plural obviously. ;)
  5. if you actually fooled yourself, how would you know?
  6. yaaa... umm... i cant do this, i need to smoke!! might be able to comprehend it then.. im just to tense and... and.... tense.....

  7. I wonder who would be committed first..?
  8. Good Q. It's kinda like a paradox or something, though. I mean, you can't be smarter or dumber than "yourself." You are what you are. Just like, if you take the phrase "Go out there and give 110% effort" literally, that's impossible.

    So basically I think it's a question that's "flawed" at its root. My answer was "neither yes or no."

    Sometimes I "fool" myself, but i don't like to use the word "fool." For example, if I say to myself "Alright, don't smoke anymore for the next 3 days, you gotta conserve bud for the weekend.", I can persuade (better word) myself to smoke more by creating an excuse. Deep down I know I'm defying my previous constriction, but I smoke anyway..

    As others aptly wrote, conviction is the best word.
  9. I have a razor and a bar of soap, The razor i put in the wall cabinet behind the mirror, the other i put away in the drawer. Every time i fix myself to grab a razor, i'd open the drawer and find the darn bar of soap, and vice versa.

    Stupid me, huh? So i got sick of that and tried to fool myself by switching the razor and the soap. Surely next time i'd fool myself into finding it right.

    Well i keep forgetting that i've done this switching thing a million times over, so i still don't know which goes where. So no, i'm perty dumb and i can't fool myself. Next time i'll try to fool myself into not fooling myself or somethin', maybe that'll do the trick.

  10. It would go something like this:
    "So... you're me."
    "Do you like... um, stuff?"
    "I guess."
    "I like weed."
    "I like weed too. I'm you, remember?"
    "Oh, yeah. (looooong pause.) Let's go smoke weed."

  11. exactly. i can think of some way of tricking myself into doing something but then myself tricks me into doing what i think i was making myself do:p. try to figure that one out:D
  12. I AM SMART, I AM SMART, *proceeds to spell it out* S-M-R-T, I AM SMART.

  13. whatever you say homer.
  14. you know, i never really thought about it. that's pretty funny. cause it's like he spells it like.. SM = a "sssmm" sound, then R is like "arr" then T.. blehehehe. meeeheheheh. oh yeah. that's a knee slapper. :D

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