Are you silver tongued?

Discussion in 'General' started by xeINIox, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Do you always tend to get your way out of sticky situation when stoned?

    Mom: What have you been smoking?

    Me: Rolling tobaccos

    Mom: And why are your eyes red? It smells like marijuana.

    Me: How do you know what burnt marijuana smells like? And what makes you think it turns your eyes red? How do you know these things?

    Mom: ...

    Me: Exactly

    I know that was kinda lame but Im stoned right now. Im in my sponge state. I'll come up with better situations i've been in.
  2. Nope, not at all.
  3. depends what im lying about
  4. yeah I can normally talk my way out of things. Ive had way too many encounters with the police but i havent been arrested (knock on wood) because I know how to talk to them
  5. i convinced a cop that i smelled like alchohol because my cologne has alchohol in it..... right after i crashed

    i got lucky
  6. That's some smooth talking from someone who's eighteen.
  7. I could talk my way out of a bear trap, could they hear and choose to let me go lol.

    I've talked my way out of numerous tickets, and i am a guy, so no boobs were required to do so lol.

    Talked my way into a paid vacation when i worked at IBM, on the dates of 4/17-4/23 which i wasnt allowed to request off due to the massive amount of people who already did....

    Everyone tells me i should be a lawyer because i have the most persuasive way of talking/arguing and I'm never even aware Im doing it.... but fuck that lol
  8. Same lol. I actually applied to read law because I didn't know what else to do and watched The Devils Advocate the day before. But I decided to do physics because it's stoner compatible. Reading lots of jargon, especially when you know what they pointless and overly boring. I'd rather choose numbers, numbers being the lesser evil of the two. Im really zoned out as you can tell by my digressing but it's my first thread :D. I'm having a GREAT time in these forums.

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