Are you satisfied with the pot laws in CO, OR, WA and AK?

Discussion in 'General' started by burro bombting, Mar 4, 2016.

  1. All of them have limits to how much you could have. I wish it was unlimited like alcohol and cigarettes.
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  2. I've lived in Colorado for five years and still haven't bought from a shop.

    Call me old school, but I like to get my drugs the same way I get my women...From the darkly lit street corner across from the alleyway.:coolalt:
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  3. I like to start creeping making barking noises when women get close. It is a known fact this gets women wet. So wet that they must be careful because they or another citizen could slip in pussy juice.

    Dispensaries are over rated. Unless you are just picking up clones.

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  4. Never really thought about it since I don't live in those places. I can understand the limits and I didn't think it was a big deal until I thought about edibles and hash. If I am just smoking then surely I can buy more then enough to satisfy me. Whats the limit? An ounce? I would want more then that to make either of those especially hash.

    I am sure there are easy ways around it, like hitting up multiple places, getting friends to pick really can't be that difficult.

    I don't see limits being any sort of issue.
  5. sure, for the time being. this is in the early stages of (hopefully) federal legalization. i think in most cases, the legal states got a great deal considering how politics can get.

    there's a few crazy things like cultivation of any amount in washington being a felony punishable by imprisonment. so that means all the dispensary bud in WA just comes out of thin air, since there is no legal pathway to their cultivation. it's stupid.

    in the way distant future, after federal legalization, i hope all the arbitrary and unnecessary limits go away.
  6. The laws are what they are. You also have to keep in mind that a lot of the limit laws will never be enforced, namely the ones about how much you can have in your home. There's no reason anyone would know how much you have at home unless you're being raided or a non-marijuana related charge. And a cop isn't going to randomly stop you and search you to find out you've got 2 oz on you, or whatever it is, again, unless you're getting searched for a non-marijuana related charge.
  7. I am fine with most of our laws here in Colorado. Possession limits really only apply if you are caught out in public. We can legally posses whatever amount we grow under amendment 64 as long as it remains where it was grown. Purchase limits kind of suck but unless you are doing some serious smoking an ounce or two at a time is plenty when you can just go to the store any time you run out of bud.

    The part that I do not like is that our laws prevent the average person from being able to open a competitive cannabis business. IF you can get approved for an operation the fees alone are in the thousands. Permits are often handed out based on a political agenda or who you know as well as limited in many municipalities. Limiting the number of stores only hurts the consumer by eliminating competition. Current store owners are in support of such legislation because they do not want to compete in an open market with their poorly produced, rushed product. There is a belief that the market will get flooded with stores, and that is likely but eventually once an over supply is reached the market will correct itself and the vast majority of those will crash.

    Big business has already taken over cannabis in Colorado and they will do so in the rest of the country. What we need to be careful to protect, and one of the best things about Colorado marijuana law is the right of citizens to produce their own.

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