Are you satisfied with America?

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  1. Man..even though some people are unsatisfied with America they can't do anything about it because fighting America would mean giving up their comfort which people aren't willing to do. The government is fucking us.
  2. Not satisfied at all
  3. Not at all. This upcoming election is BS. GOP did not pick someone that could actually compete with Obama.

    I wish there was a way you could trade citizenship with all those people trying to move here illegally. Something in the EU would be money..
  4. Unsatisfied. And yeah we get two choices this year. A rich mother fucker that doesn't know shit or a liar. Make ur choice
  5. I don't know anyone who likes corruption.
  6. Just give me one U.S. state where there's zero police state and I can smoke green legally and you can have the rest of the country.
  7. Blah blah blah.. America this.. America that. It seems like America has become a scapegoat.

    People are thinking too small. Lines of separation and blaming one group of people on one side of the line only keeps those in control with more and more power.

    The world is corrupt. We're in this together. And until we dissolve this attitude of "us and them" we will never be able to stop fighting for our country and start fighting for our world as one big group of human beings.

    However, I do think humanity is starting to wake up. I think exciting things are going to happen soon. We're starting to blossom into this world state of crisis.. It's like, in my opinion, the universes way of ranking us (the Earth) in.

    I think there are hidden gems in this reality we're experiencing. And I think it's humanities times to figure them out.

    Just look at our story.. Our history. It's epic. Either way... Let's enjoy this ride.. and just make a promise to humanity that we, as an individual, have decided to not fuel anything that will help spread the destruction of our human experience. It's not that hard of a promise to make... Is it?

    Not satisfied with the world? Not satisfied in yourself. We each have a human responsibility. Will you be another person who isn't responsible for your actions? Changing your thoughts, treating others well, and exploring your own mind will shape the world and reality around you.

    We are the weavers of our own tapestry. And it's quite a beautiful one that we're making. ;)
  8. ^ Yea the whole world is corrupt and people are waking up, all these new means of communications make it easier for us to see this (and gov'ts can use them against us as well).

    On topic:

    Nope, not satisfied. What should be the land of the free is slowly stripping our rights, and they don't even hold themselves accountable. Heck, some citizens don't even think our gov't should be held accountable, recently I met someone who was against Wikileaks because "the people shouldn't know when our gov't does something wrong".
  9. Hahaha, visit a Mexican border will change your mind on how shitty America is

    Corruption and Greed are inherent in positions of power

    If you don't like how things are.....fix them or move to a third world country....stop being a arm chair complainer.
  10. Just because its better doesn't mean its good enough. People shouldn't be complacent with "okay".

  11. dude...shut the fuck up.

  12. Then fix it, did you read my post?

  13. Hahahahahaha, you start a thread for opinions then tell me to be quiet.....nice. Sounds like abuse of power already

  14. Not cool, dude.

  15. No. You don't understand. You told me to "fix it". Do believe it's that simple? You told me to go to Mexico. You're assuming I'm completely unaware of the problems of the rest of the world. This thread is to provide an outlet for people's frustration. But, your post did nothing to spark a greater discussion.

  16. a) Anyone who has the power to change anything will be destroyed one way or another

    b) why did you suggest moving to a third world county instead of other first world countries?

  17. I agree. However, I think people should be thankful they have the means to help fix this country.. Bitching doesn't ever solve anything. And there are a lot of places where the situations are so bad that an individual can't do anything to help their countries situation

    Well, bitching about it is a lot easier than say... Going out and volunteering to help your community, starting neighborhood watches, trying activism, try spreading information.. There are plenty of resources. When you look at the BIG pictures, it's impossible for one person to "fix it".. but when you scale it down to your personal life? Yes. Yes, I believe it's that simple to help "fix it".

    Think about what you can do instead of what you can't do. And remember, if you bitch, someone else is going to bitch too.

  18. Dude...what do you define as bitching?
  19. complaining.. whining.. talking without taking action.

    It's pretty much the only thing that will come in this thread. A bunch of people telling you why they're unsatisfied with America, but the majority of them probably haven't done much to help the situation.

    Don't be offended by "bitching". I wasn't trying to label anyone or hurt anyone's feeling.. but like I said.. Complaining without taking action is "bitching".

    And out of everything I said you only addressed one single word? Jeez.. Point went right over that time
  20. You should be happy you aren't living in Africa where you have to go 3 miles to get water.

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