Are You Pro Or Anti Gun?

Discussion in 'General' started by DMaldonado93, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. Whats up? Its been a while sense I've been on here. Feels good to be back! lol
    But I really am just wanting to know how many people on here are pro gun or anti gun. And just a quick reason why you support which side? And do u support any potential laws including an "assault weapons"ban?
    As far as I know this isn't against the rules, but then again its been a while sense I've been on here so I apologize if it is.

  2. pro
    we don't need a war on guns if you catch my drift. if there's a will people are going to get ahold of them 
  3. Pro-gun.  Prohibition of anything doesn't work.  Plus I don't want martial law.  And many more reasons.
    Exactly. I don't understand what the government doesn't understand prohibition does not work! And especially if you try to take the peoples guns of all things lol
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    Yep  I am gonna be a model citizen and let Obama know how many pieces of equipment I have when he sends his Goons out to round them up...............................................
    Yeah Right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Next thing will be he'll be given them away to the people who can not afford to own one.
  6. for guns
    the whole anti gun fight is all bullshit.
    it is only a mechnism for public officlials to put themselves out there
    there is no real good answer to violence. thats what the gun issue really is
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    pro-gun. shooting is fun as hell and homeland security recently bought 1.6 billion rounds of ammo many of which are hollow points (big part of the recent ammo shortage). they are preparing for potential civil war, so will i with my next gun purchase (either a handgun or start building an AR-15).
    actually just bought my first (of many) gun 2 days ago. marlin xt-22 bolt action .22lr, shooting it for the first time tomorrow.
    however i do think it is too easy to buy a gun. the background check paperwork had like 15 yes or no questions and you can lie on like half of them...
    like "are you addicted to any drugs" obviously no one is going to answer yes to that... or "do you feel as though you are mentally capable of owning a firearm" (paraphrasing) of course we do since we're trying to purchase one...
  8. Pro, we are so close to a police state. I'll be damned if I'm going to sit and watch that shit happen.

  9. Pro, they just need to figure a way to screen people with mental health issues from owning one.
  10. I'm pro liberty, therefor I am pro 2nd amendment.

    More guns = Less crime, 'tis a fact.

    Tyrants disarm the public before totally enslaving them. 'tis also a fact.
  11. Pro-gun, and I don't even own one. 
    Look at the history of dictatorships that started out by taking away guns. I don't want that!
    I get a really cold eerie feeling when I hear lawmakers talking about taking away guns. You're a fool if you think taking guns away from the smart responsible people is going to keep America safer. We're told to put faith in the law enforcement, but we have all seen the rise in police brutality and know they aren't to be trusted (in big cities anyways). 
  12. Police Dept now a days is like High School with guys
  13. I would agree, my problem is that I believe certain factions would use this to keep political opponents from purchasing firearms.

    Eg. of a question they COULD have for mental health screening.

    "Do you think the government has the common people's interests as their first priority, yes or no?"

    Obviously the answer to me is a big fat NO and they would use that to label me "mentally unstable"
  14. Go to a gun show or any gun auction website and you won't even have to pass a background check.  I'm Pro gun. You can buy an AR-15 you don't have to build one I own one and a SKS. I don't understand this ammo shortage. You would think the government would have their own factories separate from the ones that provide the public with ammo. Ammo shortage is because people are in freak out mode still from the school shooting and hoarding as many bullets as possible so they won't stock the shelves.  IMO
  15. Dont worry
    The Goverment will take good care of all of us.
    Soylent Green is People
  16. Pro Gun
    Anti Bullet
  17. 100% pro firearms in every single aspect.
  18. You most definitely do have to pass a background check when purchasing a firearm off any website. The seller is required to ship to your local FFL dealer. You will have to pick it up from your local FFL and pass the background check.
  19. Pro. I'm a safety first individual with everything that I do. I believe in the 2nd amendment and if criminals are always going to have access to guns illegally or not, I'm going to defend my family, friends and myself. If I am ever in position to defend someone's life that is anti-gun, I will make sure that I take the time to ask them if I have their permission to defend their life with my firearm during the altercation. If not, I will give them a couple rounds and a knife to fend off their attacker. That should be sufficient against any firearm, correct?

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