Are you one of those fools that rage quit when you're losing???

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by sk8njam, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I never understand why you'd pay for a game just to quit every time you're losing. If you do this you should die :)

    *****hahaha while i was typing this ,the dude that just rage quitted on me sent me a message saying he quit cuz i was cheating. I'm playing NHL 12 by the way....I pwn
  2. damn another one just quit
  3. when my team is a bunch of screaming 12 year old retards you bet im not sticking around for the annoying ass beating
  4. in FPS games I will sometimes. If my team is losing horribly and I cant get anything going that game I will just back out and find a new server.
  5. I never back out unless the game is so laggy I'm jumping all over the screen...its one thing to quit when you're in a team based game but if you're playing one on one with someone and you quit 15 minutes into a 20 minute match that's just rude,

    how are you ever supposed to get better at a game if all u do is quit when you're down?

    My favorite part of getting a new game is knowing the fact that I might suck for awhile,until I practice and lose enough times to get good...

    if u don't allow room for mistakes you'll never progress....that goes for everything in life,not just games :)
  6. Are you one of those fools that spell "skate" with an 8?
  7. What is "pwn"?
  8. A chess piece I think
  9. i like to let the kiddies win and then quit on em right before they get the victory so they ragepost about it on the internet serious business tubes... i problem?
  10. There be a trollin up in hurr
  11. I hate online games, I used to play them alot and was good but I found as soon as you stop playing so often I just couldn't play worth shit anymore. It isn't fun losing so I just quit and join a new game or just quit all together. That's why I don't own any Call of Duty games, not fun for me, and I'm so sick of shooters...

    Single player ftw... that's my opinion.

  12. thats a P A W N ....

  13. thanks for your response have a great day sir
  14. Haha no problem man. I like to fuck with people here when I can.

    But I rage quit sometimes. Usually after I've tried changing up playing tactics and it didn't work. If it's laggy or something I just say fuck it and leave though. Or if a lobby is just a bunch of people using lame ass tactics like camping or something. Shit is lame
  15. if im playing a game like css where the games take forever and im doing horrible then i usually end up rage quitting lol if im playing say cod then nah i wont. if im playing a single player game (morrowind right now) and i die or something at a time that is extreamly inconvinent to me ill get super duper pissed and rage quit lol. i remember playing final fantasy 7 i rage quit because like every 5 steps i would get into a battle and it annoyed the shit outta me and ended up ruining the game for me :/
  16. I dashboard constantly when im the host on cod mad bro?

  17. I always get a good chuckle when I hear their rage when I host dc
  18. I never ragequit in single player. If anything getting fucked up makes the game fun once in a while. Although I guess there are a very few moments where I will just because it's fucking bullshit >.>'

    There was some goddamn quest in Dead Island where you had to escort some dude through a town with a handful of special infected and regular zombies and I had no idea it was coming and wasn't prepared at all, and it auto saved right before battle >.<'. That shit had me pissed for fucking hours and I quit a few times trying it. Then I learned they patched it and took a few zombies out and gave the NPC more health and it was all good
  19. And people wonder why I sold my steam account and closed my WoW one. haha
  20. all these dudes proud of quitting when they're losing...good job people

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