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    Or are you looking at? The difference is in what you see. In one you see the surface, the other you see the core. Which one would you rather look at? One you are breaking through all the layers, and one you are only looking at the top layer.

    To look through is to truly see, would you agree?

    To look through, to me, is to see one's true nature.

    For example, when you are listening in on your own thoughts, are you taking them seriously or are you taking them flippantly? Is your mind running the show or is your being? Do thoughts effect you or do you effect them? Who is truly in control?

    When someone is angry, do you see the anger or the poor being inside that is being possessed by the anger? Do you see the being lose control or do you only see the emotion that has taken control?

    Can you see past your mind? Can you look past who you are to truly see the naked being inside?

    Handle yourself better by looking through everything that tries to take a hold of you. May it be emotions, thoughts, feelings, do not cave in on them but simply be aware of them and continue to look past them and into the space of non-spaciousness, into the emptiness that everything arises from. This is called holding onto the center.
  2. Thank you. I feel truth emanating from your words :) peace and love my friend :)

  3. sounds like a song, man...

    to look through
    is to truly see
    would you agree
    to look through
    looking through me
    is to see
    one's true nature
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    I disagree

    to look at is better

    I am going to quote you
    key word - 'breaking' - which I believe we should stay away from (especially with our eye)

    to look at the surface and build from it is probably better

    moving away from 'breaking' and perhaps moving toward 'uniting'
    moving toward a more wholey perspective
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    well ...perhaps ...
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    Ah but therein lies deception.

    Well I suppose either way you look at it therein lies deception.

    Where there is perception, there is deception.

    It is only when you look through perception that you look past deception as well.

    So in ways I agree with you, and in ways I don't. You have to look through everything and see the end, whether it be actually looking through someone or looking through the whole of everything, it all points back to the same place anyways.
    You see, looking at is looking through. ;)
  7. Theory of the Cave.
    Plato realizes that the collective of humankind can think, speak, exist, without (acknowledge) any awareness of their realm of forms and images.

    'Sleeping people"(not realizing themselves) are inside a cave with their heads chained toward a wall, and they see shadows of themselves and their world that is cast from the light of a fire behind them, which they are unaware of because they are unable to turn their heads to see what is behind them. Being unaware they believe that the shadows they see is real, so they begin to define and label them. Behind them lies puppet masters that cast shadows off puppets on the wall. The people unaware, believe that the shadows of puppets as real threats, so they act according as the master of puppets commands them to fight terrorism and remember 9/11, still unaware that is is only a shadow.

    When one realizes that his head cannot turn, he realizes that their are shackles, so he pulls his head free and looks behind him. He sees the fire burning and the puppets and the puppet master, and below the master a narrow corridor of light, distorted by the smoke of the fire. What he sees puzzles him so he asks people that are chained next to him what it is. "your crazy, I don't get it, your a heretic, its just a hallucination, just live for this." Still puzzled the man gets up and walks through the haze of smoke uncertain of what will happen to him. Then he sees the light, and he now understands the illusion and he walks out the corridor of light into a whole other world, where the light of the sun is warm, and he see all things around him and the light fills his being and he comes enlightened.

    Unafraid and understanding he walks back into the cave and begins speaking to his brothers and sisters about truth. Some fear him and call him names and make fun of him, others say nothing and think about it, other use their hands and begin to feel the shackles that are on their heads. "Do be afraid, the shackles are loose," the enlighten man says.

    Love and light, always peace :D
  8. i love this thread.

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