Are you living a meaningful life?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by mem, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. Feel free to reply, or don't. But at least consider:

    If you died right now, would you feel like you gave life a good complete run or would you die in shame with unfinished business? Would you commend yourself or condemn yourself? Do you feel that you're capable of more than you're doing? Do you ever feel empty inside? Do you ever wish you were somebody else?

    Ask yourself these questions, and more.

  2. can you ever be living life FULL of meaning?

    me, there's plenty unfinished... it'd be a loss to us all if i went too soon. but i'd be chuffed with much of what i've achieved, the ripples i sent forth, the smoothings and the love.

    The universe is both less impressed and less disapointed with you than you are with yourself. The universe is both less impressed and less disapointed with me than I am with myself. The universe is both less impressed and less disapointed with us than we are with ourselves. The significance remains.
  3. I live so therefore I am living
  4. Im wasting my life as of right now. But I plan to travel the world someday. Once Ive seen all the land, my life will be complete
  5. if i died today i wouldn't regret anything.

    i live the way i want to for the most part.

    i'm happy as of now with my life. but i have plans for the future that i would be disappointed in missing.
  6. I'm a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. If I die today, then it was meant to happen and that my time was up. I think everyone always wishes that they could have done more, traveled here so on and so forth.

    But I think that life is backwards, I think we should die first and get that over with and finish out our lives as an orgasim. Wouldnt that be the way to go?
  7. Q. "If you died right now, would you feel like you gave life a good complete run or would you die in shame with unfinished business?"

    A. I don't know of very many people that would think they've given life a complete run. Most would have what you've called "unfinished business" or regrets/"shame." As for little old me I've learned to reduce my expectations significantly to just being happy that I'm breathing right now. That isn't to say we shouldn't make plans for tomorrow just that our roles are much bigger than our current imagination because we are part of a much larger organism called humanity. Maybe we only live ten years but affect the overall destiny of the human race well beyond that. Everything's connected.

    Q. "Would you commend yourself or condemn yourself?"

    A. I haven't always been happy with all of the decisions I've ever made but life's too fucking massive and spectacular to be reduced to simple value judgments of one's individual actions. For all the mistakes we make I believe there exists inside of each and every one of us the potential for good. Let's try to focus on that instead of the things we can't change because the past is inviolate and behind us while the future is a boundless universe.

    Q. "Do you feel that you're capable of more than you're doing?"

    A. Sure. We're all capable of doing much more, the key lies in realization of our true potential and having the courage to fulfill it. It's long been my belief that the space program, genetics, physics, literature and a host of other fields are many years behind where they could be all because we've put limits on what we imagine is possible. The truth is we're all a little like the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus we labor under false perceptions even as Paul thought he served God, he, in actuality didn't, similarly we do the same. We think we're advacing humanity but in truth we're dooming our kind to extinction because of our blindness. Our minds are so amazing they should have already put us in the constellations of different stars instead they're hard at work devising ways to kill human beings more efficiently. We aren't working for the common good but ridiculously selfish ends, in the light of such madness we all stand condemned because the fate of one is ultimately the fate of all. Whenever we say "impossible," or "can't be done" we kill the world just a little bit more everyday.

    Q. "Do you ever feel empty inside?"

    A. Only when I allow my emotions to erupt negatively and hurt others.

    Q. "Do you ever wish you were somebody else?"

    A. Fuck no, because there's no real difference between us just how we see the world, so I humbly suggest we all open our eyes and hearts. Too long have we allowed our vices to define us instead of the intangible properties of our beautiful hearts, because it's these properties that can change the world for the better.

    "Man is a transitory being, and his designs must partake of the imperfections of their author. To confer duration is not always in our power. We must snatch the present moment, and employ it well, without too much solicitude for the future, and content ourselves with reflecting that our part is performed. He that waits for an opportunity to do much at once, may breathe out his life in idle wishes, and regret, in the last hour, his useless intentions and barren zeal."

    ~Samuel Johnson~

  8. I will never feel complete and content with my life, I will always regret decisions that I make everyday, and I will forever disappoint others. I don't want to undergo these thoughts and feelings, but if I don't I will never become a man. Death is the easy way, a shortcut to ending pain if you will, yet there is nothing more necessary towards reaching the completeness of one's full potential as a human. Just remember folks, it's a long way to heaven and a short way to hell.
  9. If I died, I'd be bummed about what I didn't accomplish, but not because I chose not to, more so just because I never lived long enough to have the chance.

    As for right now, since I started smoking MJ a lot more regularly, I just try to take everything in a little bit more, appreciate things more ya know, and then look at everything from the other side of view. Even terrorism and shit, not that I agree with them, but now I've spent more time looking at it from their point of view and shit, and I feel I've come up with a much better answer to any questions I had.

    That to me is meaning really... just putting meaning in your own life by figuring out or coming as close as possible of the surroundings in your life, and then if they're something you enjoy, taking some extra time to really appreciate them.
  10. I am not in a good place to die right now as a result of forces beyond my control...

    edit: however if I were to die today, i feel I would have made an impact on certain people that would make my life somewhat meaningful, but no where near where I want to be when I do die.
  11. what up mem. well that's kind of an odd question(s). If I were dead, I don't know if i would ask myself those questions. that stuff's only important to the living, searching for meaning, i think. I've done my fair share of that. And well, idk, I just, I am. I don't know if we are here to do specific business. It doesn't matter much. What matters to me is that I'm happy doing whatever it is that im doing. I attack life. I try not to just let it pass me by. I have felt emptiness, and fullness...but these feelings are strange...idk i just am
  12. I believe everyone makes mistakes and has dreams and if there is no real meaning to life, I think it's only meaning is to live it the best way you can and to do what makes you happy, That's something I learned in the Bible.

    Peace and stay high:smoke:
  13. I have to answer to honestly...

    No, I've been mean to others much of my whole life, taking my anger towards life out on them. I regret every single time I've been mean and have never enjoyed life that much. To this day I am trying to find out how to change myself/my personality. It's actually really, really hard to change your ways, but since this is my one life there's no use in continuing to live like an asshole, so I must do it. And, one day maybe I'll be living a life of meaning.
  14. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."


    Good luck Hempdude, you've already traveled a lot of ground with the statement you just made.


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