Are you havin a tough time finding POT????

Discussion in 'General' started by Phishhead420, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Whats up people... I have been around and lived here and there but I will tell you some times it is not easy finding a bag in that new place or dry city.... But in my experiance every major city has a Disc Golf course nearby which is stuffed with some of the coolest people around... I say buy a few discs for like 5-10$ and go play the course with pipe in pocket and be prepared to bust it out if you come accross a cool set of dudes.. Tell them your situation and I can bet my boys will help you out...

    Reason for post: I continue to see this question asked.. Even though I am a professional disc golfer I still prefer too see the courses filled with hippies and dreddy mommas... LOL

    But seriously if you don't know what disk golf is look it up on you might change your life for the better and lose some weight, meet people and really have more self confidence. Even if you suck like we all did in the begining, thank god for the support these places give..

  2. Man just played 18 yesterday up at Miami U in Ohio. Pretty solid course! I've met many cool dudes and lads as well playing frisby golf! Nothing like smoking a joint down by the hole near the creak! I agree its a great game that can be enjoyed even if you are not too talented! Great post bro!
  3. thats funny that u mention it. Yesterday i was playin some soccer with a few friends at a disc golf course and this guy came up to us and was like hey fellas i just moved here do any of you know where i can score some ganja. I was sorry to dissapoint him tho cuz my town has been dry for 3 months.
  4. hah. i checked it out. and im going on sunday. seems pretty chill to do, there's NOTHING to do in michigan lol
  5. There is a good 50 or so courses in some states, and it's a very popular underground type game to take part in... I have a love for the outdoors and being high... so this became the place to be. I will say, they are generally very patrolled because they are usually considered parks.. But scoring a bag after playing there a bit, is common practice..

    Anybody else have a love for the game??????
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    FUCK YEAH, FRIZBEE !!! !!! !!!

    Frisbee is so great! I'm more so an ultimate frisbee guy but I play some golf too. Everyone I know has played lots of golf and ultimate, and some of those crazies go and spend 150 dollars on ONE fuckin frisbee (like my dad :smoking:). Of course, all those dudes are stoners! This being Oregon...

    i've actually got a course at my house. the sweetest part is when you have to toss it over my house to get it in the's hard. Me and my friends are always playin.

    good shit, i've never thought of playin some disc to score a bag...good call. Weed and frisbee go very well together...:D

    +rep indeed
  7. Dude Oregon is the pimp shit and they I think have a better course per capita rating than all other states.. So you guys have them every where... There are some that you can rent golf carts and legally drink beer the whole day.. How fucking awesome is that!!!!
  8. The community college I'm going to actually has a course on campus, so maybe I'll try it out even though I've admitted to not liking frisbee.
  9. all we do in my town is disc and smoke :)
  10. no, i live close to holland. But thnx anyways :)
  11. Well maybe we are all just very for disc golf rather than this just being a place to score a bag..!!!! I think in reality the two just mix very well and go hand in hand..
  12. it took me over 12 hours to find the pot i wanted a couple days ago...right now im waitin to go to my house
  13. well, for me its impossible cause well i'm deaf for next 2 months, and well all my dealers dont text, only phone calls, then 2 weeks ago, i lost my phone and all my dealers #, i tried go to boulder and meet up new friends and score some bud, nope, and right now its hard to make friends when i'm deaf, the only person i'm reling on is my best friend, (yes ik that not really a good idea but he understands so)

    plus, disk golf??
    naa not my thing

  14. Seems like this is a frisbie golf post not how to find pot. Most frisbie golfers don't bring weed to sell but to smoke. I have a few friends who play alot. It seems fun!!!
  15. Sorry to hear that man. I have had 6 ear operations, all major operations. I know what it's like to lose your hearing. I hope your buddy helps you get some bud soon. I know if you were my friend I would hook you up every bag you needed during this time. Good luck bro!
  16. I kno it must suck do be deaf, but how are you sure that your gunna be deaf for "only" 2 months?
  17. :laughing:
  18. well i got hear-aid (coclear implant) and well i got infected on my implant (right side), and doc said we goin have to take it out.. then i'm gettin another implant on my left side, which is in 2 months, then 4 months later i'll get another implant on my right

    more information here
    well not that much but...
  19. Dude, my friend keeps trying to get me to go but we always get lazy or forget. While I don't need any hook-ups, I do want to try this disc golf, thanks for the motivation. :p
  20. i dont think you can find anything at the golf course, maybe goto parks

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