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Are you happy with how your life has turned out so far?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by StarLitSky, Mar 8, 2017.


Are you happy with your life so far?

  1. Totally happy

    17 vote(s)
  2. ...uh, can I get a redo?

    15 vote(s)
  3. It's F'ing complicated.

    20 vote(s)
  1. Well I will be 65 in October
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  2. I went with the its complicated part.

    The Good: My dream of being a musician has been working well the past few years and I'm getting to travel and do what I love, which is playing fucking sleazy ass metal to sleazy mother fuckers who get me stoned after the shows and feed my powerful ego by talking about how good I am and stuff. I have college degrees in the arts and civil engineering and I work as an environmental engineering technician part time. My end game goal is to get into the legal cannabis industry and that is all I have ever wanted since I was a teenager and I'm trying to take steps to make this a reality.

    The Bad: My dream of being a musician has left me broke and unable to take on full time work. I'm hungry and I wish that I could support myself solely on music. My engineering job only has work for me in 2-3 week bursts and nothing for months at a time leaving me way too broke. Despite graduating with high honors and top of my class I can't find steady work as I am way too different from the other people in the industry around here, I don't fit in at all with the conservative christian types and that is 90% of what I have to deal with. I should have been living in Colorado years ago for the cannabis industry and I'm trying very hard to do that but I'm still stuck in North Carolina with no money to leave and every single time I wake up here and look out my window to see that I'm still living in the fucking south is another day that I have wasted. I don't belong here, I need to be where it gets really cold and snowy and stays that way for extended periods of time.

    And the Ugly: Definitely not me, I have a very high opinion of myself. My narcissism is probably my downfall though but fuck it, too many people have issues with themselves so I would rather have too high of an opinion of myself than be miserable all the time. :pimp:
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  3. 67 in three weeks. :(

    Where did all the time go? Winding the clock back . . .

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  4. Yes, a thousand times yes. Did not see it going the way it did. Not at all. If I could go back to myself at 12... man, what an encounter that would be. That 12-year old would lose his shit. And maybe, then, diverge from the path that made me me at 27... time.. paradoxes... wut...

    Just 27 tho, plenty of time to fuck it up!


    memento mori
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  5. I took a lesson from this post, thank you
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  6. #66 Elem3nt17, Aug 2, 2017
    Last edited: Aug 2, 2017
    Not sure what lesson you took, but if it helped you on your journey my pleasure!

    So I guess I was foreshadowing because I got laid off since I posted that. I had a new job an hour after I walked out of HR office, but I was making alot of money at that job and took a position making 3/4's of my old rate so it's been a huge adjustment for me and the girlfriend trying to stay afloat with all our bills. Burnt through the severance in no time.

    I feel totally lost right now but im okay with it in a way. I've spent years building that career path up just to have it torn down in an instant. I was so focused on that goal for so long that I've let everything else fall by the wayside for alot of years now an I didn't realize it until I actually got let go. It's all got me questioning if I even want to do that specific work anymore. I know for certain I will never work for another corporation as long as I live, they only care about your well being as long as the profits roll in, and superiors you thought were your friends and genuinely care about you will throw you under a fucking bus without a second thought to save their own skin. I'm not blind to the reality of the situation, they can't pay me what they don't have but im also acutely aware of how cold and callous the whole thing feels. Sitting in a room with the same people you've worked with for years, partied with, had many great conversations....to have those same people coldly read off a termination letter felt pretty fucking shitty.

    My dad is retired now we've been talking about me opening a small business with his help and try to make a go of it that way, but the equipment required would be a huge initial investment so it makes me really nervous. I'm also tinkering with the notion of changing careers altogether and going back to school for a few years, but then im torn on that too because im 31 now, 2 years of college would put me at 33 going into an entry level position that just sounds horrifying to me.
  8. Only this moment really exists so totally :)
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  9. Good sight. Thanks.
  10. Where are you from and what is the problem? Housing? Job?
  11. Ha, wait til you get old.
  12. I have to say my life went from one of the lowest points I had ever experienced, to one of the highest quite literally over night. It's very weird how life works, and honestly right now I am very happy with life and the way it's turned out. Though my past was extremely difficult (and still is), if it wasn't for those events happening in the specific order or time that they did, I would not be the person I am today or where I am today by any stretch. So in a weird sort of way, yes. I have a healthy relationship, home, etc. and I wouldn't trade that for the world, and I'm able to use my past and what I learned and apply to bettering myself as a person not just for myself, but for my family, friends, boyfriend, etc.
  13. I've come a long way to now, but I love my life. she made me the way I am now
  14. Yea I am happy with my life. Been married to my husband for 7 years and have two wonderful daughters, have a job that I actually like to be at too. The only ting I am angry about is that my dad isn't here to see his grandkids tho.
  15. If I started the day with a good mood, then it's good, but if something destroys my day, the whole is ruined.
  16. Overall, pretty happy. Could be a lot worse right now. Could be better, too...but not down about it. I have a car, a roof over my head, and a job interview tomorrow. So things could be getting a lot better in the near future.

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  17. If that's your real photograph.... you need some gelatoooo. It will maake you feel better. Talking about the strain
  18. Yes.. that's my real photograph, haha. Never had that strain before.

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