Are you going to build a shed or talk about it?

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  1. Over the spring/summer another grower and I decided to do an outdoor.  In this process we got to spend a considerable amount of time to talk. I had said I wanted to build a shed, get out of my cramp growing quarters, plus the wife wanted my veg room out of the house.  I had no place to run both rooms. So time and time again I would tell him about this grand plan I had to build a shed.
    I grew up in orchards and being a farmers son I picked up a lot of useful skills.  I knew I could do this, but summer started to fade and he finally looked me and said, "are you going to build a shed or talk about it", that was on a Monday
    Go time.....
    I had a 10x11.5 slab already, and my plan was to go 10x20. I picked up  72 bags of concreat, got the mixer and dropped the rest of the slab that Saturday.
     The following Saturday I started building.
    4 weeks later my shed was done. 
    I finished off by running another main from my service box, 100 amps at my disposal.
    I'm running 8 1k's in a sealed room with CO2.  I ran one set through quickly, Swedish style.  Currently I have a normal set in there with a few weeks to go.  14 ladies resting nicely in 15g pots.  
    24k Mini split arrived today.  Will be installed as soon as set ends.

  2. I'm speechless. :hello:
  3. Damn nice job, I would be thanking your friend for pushing you to get started.  I bet you and your wife are happy now.
  4. .

    Happy wife, happy life :)
  5. So thats done in COCO?  man I have to try it sometime.
  6. This is what I'm really excited about.

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  7. I'm a big fan. I tried soil again about 6 months ago and went right back. The ease of flushing and overall health of the plant is 10 fold, but that's just mho. Give it a shot brother, if you got any questions let me know.
  8. Nice, did you run #4 wire for the shed? Thats some juice, what you think it cost to keep the lights on?
    I will give coco a shot , the local store only stocks coco and soils, no puffed clay.
  9. I went aluminum so ran #1. 5-6 hundo probably. I added 2k to my veg room at the same time so not 100% sure what the shed alone runs. I hover around 9 a month.
  10. Just glad I don't pay for water, ha!
  11. Your set up has me thinking about a  30 X 30 steel building I have 150 amp service ,natural gas heat and its doing nothing.
    My house reeks enough now, I need to plan my upgrade.
  12. 30 600w. Have a buddy running that in similar size shop. They run 15 plants in 30g bags. Its incredible, plus you are plumbed for a burner and have enough juice for a 5 ton AC.
  13. The building has its own service and meter. No problem there.
    Has a hot dog heater running gas so anything can be done with it.
    Have a long way to go,just ordered a third 1000w last night.
    I just started back up last fall after a few yeas of outdoor only. 
  14. a fine weedhouse sir
  15. Thats fucking class fair play man
  16. Thank you sir
  17. Nice...You should look at putting up some solar panels to eat up a bit of that bill, and get a nice tax credit to boot.
  18. Yea I like the job you did. Thats my plan for summer too.

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  19. F-f-f-u-u-u.....
  20. The sun isn't real reliable here :) the cost all works out in the end.

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