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Are you friends with Trump supporters?

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. I'm not on his side but you talking about bias is pretty amusing.

    And if anything I would say the left is the true intolerant despite their rhetoric.
  2. As we can see in this thread, right?
    Your opinion on my perceived bias is misguided and tainted.

    Do you seriously feel harassed? There was no reason that you had to respond to anything that I post. You should use the ignore feature if my posts disturb your tranquility.

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  3. I don't think anyone on the Moderating team can be put on ignore.

    Everyone please continue with the thread and keep the needless bickering out of it.
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  4. How about the 73.5 million people who DIDN'T vote for Trump? Is it ok with you if they ask questions and express their opinions too? Actually the OP was not asking anything insulting at all. You just assumed that because it may concern a "leader" who currently has the positive world view of the U.S. down to just 22% (it was 64% when Obama left office) would only be negative. That actually says a lot about Trump and his suporter's insecurity than the OP's motives.
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  6. the question should be as well OP ---
    Are you friends with hillary and obama supporters

    people are drawing a line in the sand and its FUCKING STUPID

    like or not who they voted for we have to get along and move FOWARD

    people really need to get their head out of their asses and realize the only thing they are doing is dragging everyone down
    kinda hard for progress if all they do is WHINE like little bitches
  7. You mean those who lost the election...aka losers? Sure they can express their opinion any way they want. I merely did the same. Not my fault that people are not smart enough to gather the actual premise while pretending not to as they attempt to brow beat others.
    Edit: Oh and your polls served you well last Nov.
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  8. Hah this fuckin dude

    Who do you think you are...Donald Trump?
  9. You? Kathy Griffin?

  10. I'm glad you see that calling someone Donald Trump or Kathy Griffin are on the same level of insult as I do

    Thats your guy! DJT! Crushin it!
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    Lol. If I felt it was on the same level...I would not have chosen her.
  12. Only one, because he was DMing the Pathfinder game. We've had some big arguments, though, and he lost every single one terribly.
  13. i am a trump supporter. why would you stay away from me? im sure we share a few things in common unless you dont belong here.
  14. i feel the same way, im still doing whatever the fuck i wanna do and no one is going to tell me what to do
    what if one of those presidents has some type of policy or changes the way the government runs, so in a way you will have more opportunities and be able to make more money in life?
    or do you want one who will just give YOU money?
    i been thinking about that more and more lately
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  15. Trump supporters have been associated with Narcissists. I swear I read this somewhere but in the article it classified Trump as a Narc (I understand how they can see this) and Narcs admire other narcs. I personally have 3 in my "close but not so close" circle. All trump supporters so when i read thi
  16. Nah. I tend not to be friends with people I fundamentally disagree with. Just because I can be civil, doesn't mean that I consider you my friend.
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