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Are you friends with Trump supporters?

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Aug 26, 2017.

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    I lived 8 years with them in prison., Theyre not afraid. They think they are better, genetically vs anyone else.

    My Cellie in Federal Prison was a friggin Klanner. And worse.... He got 8 years for supplying the gasoline, and wood for an upside down cross, and a bonfire they lit in a biracial couples yard. He got a Hate Crime. 8 years x 5 years supervised release.

    I was in for Nonviolent weed cultivation.. I got 10-Life, and a $3,000,000 fine. I did 6, and did 8.5 supervised release. Fine Waived.

    Ive got nothing for Klanners, OR FARRAKHANERS..

    My 1st Cellie in prison was the #1 dude at the prison for the Farrakhaners. I then got a bottom bunk in another cube with nobody else in it. They soon brought in a new guy, who was a Klanner/NAZI

    I made life hell for him, until he had to be moved to another prison. I told every black person I was friends with in prison what he did. Im white. Most of my better friends in prison ended up being Blacks, and Mexicans. I also have and hang with many black friends. I'm married to a Filipina woman.

    tRump also believes in the Eugenics....

    Like history's monarchs, Trump believes that the qualities that make him successful are in-born. He once said he possesses a genetic “gift” for real estate development.

    “I'm a big believer in natural ability,” Trump told me during a discussion about his leadership traits, which he said came from a natural sense of how human relations work. “If Obama had that psychology, Putin wouldn't be eating his lunch. He doesn't have that psychology and he never will because it's not in his DNA.” Later in this discussion, Trump said: “I believe in being prepared and all that stuff. But in many respects, the most important thing is an innate ability.”

    Perhaps Trump's conviction that DNA — not life experience — is everything explains why he proudly claims that he's “basically the same” today as when he was a boy. “When I look at myself in the first grade and I look at myself now, I'm basically the same,” he said. “The temperament is not that different.

    Its friggin scary the dude says hes the same guy as he was in the 1st grade!!!!!:icgreen::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2::eek2::confused_2::confused_2:

    The notion that Donald Jr.'s mother, Ivana Trump, was an Olympic skier in 1972 persists even though her country, Czechoslovakia, fielded no team. Her son not only believes the tall tale, he's convinced that it affirms his own superiority. “I'm in the high percentile on the bell curve,” he said. He then added that his father's abilities are even greater. “That's what separates him from everyone I know.”

    The racehorse theory of human development explains Trump's belief in his suitability for political leadership, despite the fact that he has never held office. He's absolutely convinced that America's problems will be solved by his God-given management skills, bankruptcies notwithstanding. You are either born with superior qualities — the right DNA — or you are not. And people get what they deserve.
  2. The question was are we friends with Trump supporters, are you saying you consider Trump supporters to be Nazis?
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    The 1s that are marching in the streets I do. Hes given them a platform.

    Also everyone that backs him, knows he was the Father of the Birther Movement, so I have 00000 friggin respect for anyone that voted for him. Simple as that. I could never be, nor have any motivation to be friends with anyone that voted for him, and especially those that still defend him.

    He got to where he is by Divide, and Conquer, Racist Themes, and Dog Whistles. So again NO. I have ---0 Respect for those that Enabled this Sociopath.

    I have other definitions for other tRump supporters.

    tRump is against my best interests and all of those who want legal weed, and the senseless prosecutions ect.. I consider this to be WAR, and the ENEMY, and all those that support him, ate the enemy, and are against my personal safety.

    Luckily all of my direct family ARE Anti tRump, but they would have also been on my list had they backed him. I'm not selective.

    So NOPE, I cant be friends with any tRump supporter.

    Sessions is bringing back Privitized Prisons, and 3 days after he announced that, he said they were going to go after Weed. So that tell me he has weed people, and privatized prison in his heart, regardless if he accomplishes the task or not.

    So NO. I can have 0000000 tRump Friends because their backing is DIRECT SUPPORT related to Session getting in there, and trying to roll back 30 years of weed progress.


    How can I be friends with someone that endorses these policies ? I'm not going to cut my nose off, in spite of my face.... And if you back him, you own him, and all of his policies.

    HIs policies for weed are clear. Go after the Stiffest Penalty.

    Also, this is only 1 other argument of why I could never be friends with a tRumper.
  4. I don't know who was president when you were incarcerated but it wasn't Trump. Hillary wasn't for legalization either, could you be friends with a Hillary supporter?
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  5. Doesnt matter who was president when I was incarcerated. Sessions wants to go back to using the Harshest Mandatory Minimum Sentences, and Privatized Prisons, and also TARGET WEED PEOPLE. Id vote for the local garbage man first.

    Sessions has already been admonished by the Guv'nors and Senators about harsher weed prosecutions, and Privatized Prisons. But its in his heart, so hes A#1 ENEMY, and ALLLLL Associated with him.

    Birds of a Feather, Flock Together.

    I didn't see Hilly advocating for that, and that alone would 10000% make me more for Hilly than tRump. Yep, you better believe that. Anyday vs putting people away forever, like they did me.

    Ive got NOTHING FOR THEM. As in 000000. Less than 00000.

    If you want to get technical. Another Republicon started the war on drugs... NIXON. So I hold him as responsible for getting this crap started on such a level. Then Ray Guns Tripled Down on it, then Clinton continued the nonsense, but he was going to be basically called weak on crime, and didn't have the power to overcome even if he Vetoed their crime bill.

    The Democratic Platform specifically SAYS WEED would be reclassified as at least SchII. Hilly backed the platform. Hilly would not RePrivitize Prisons. Hilly was not going to bring back harsher weed sentences.

    SCHII at least gets the ball rolling for unrestricted research.

    Oh, and di you see??? Sessions just scrapped this idea last week. No more Weed Research
    Who says I was for Hilly ?? But would rather have her any day vs tRump.

    Another Deflection.

    Also, I cant Vote, and my great Republicon Guv'nor Rolled Back the Previous Guv'nors Order to allow Nonviolent offenders register to vote, after they've served their sentences.

    Repubs try and suppress the vote, every step of the way.
  6. Must not of been much of a klans men if he was burning an upside down cross. The klan aren't Satan worshippers. Maybe he was dyslexic
  7. Case and point really, you want an echo chamber and you came here for another one.

    Just ask "Everyone who thinks like me say yes" and save the rest of us the trouble of responding with intelligent answers.
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  8. I rather like Trump while my friends are about 50-50. You do know the reason Diane Feinstein has softened, right? Think 2018.
  9. Yes, but since he's proving to be a racist incompetent failure and is a bigger fuck up than even they realized I don't think they support him much now. One observed that he is done and is a joke. A better question is why they didn't see what a criminal lying incompetent con man before? It was just so obvious.
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    Lemmings and ignoramuses totally played by fake news say the same thing. Some of them will disagree.
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  11. :rolleyes:

    Many thoughtful and insightful people also state exactly what Blackcat has stated. Do you want to continue subtle (not very) name calling?

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  12. Of course not, I know the biase here. Do you think this any worse than than the inanity and insult implied by the thread itself? <--rhetorical
  13. Perhaps he was curious, I am biased against Trump. Mainly because it was never hard to see the true nature of that con man.

    However I do seem to have a good handful of Trump supporters for friends. Some are blind in their support others admit his flaws. Most are up for friendly debates. It is what it is and I agree with the thought that politics shouldn't dictate your friendships.

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  14. This same biase you admit to also keeps you from recognizing the insult in the question itself. Moderators like umpires should have no biase. Whether behind the plate or out in the field.
  15. I think you need a large mirror and some self reflection.

    Seeing an insult in a question? Are you really that sensitive to feel that way?

  16. A question can be as much of an insult as a statement. I have a number I could pose for you right now. Here's one... How bright does one have to be to recognize that this threads premise is insulting to the 60 or so million Americans who support this president.
  17. It is rather ironic that you prefer the OP to be more PC to protect your sensitivities.

    Obviously the OP finds himself un-friending those associates that preferred Trump. He was wondering if he was alone in this situation. Reading the thread, it becomes obvious that not many share that sentiment. That alone should take some of the sting out of your perceived insult. It should be comforting that many on the left are more then willing to remain friends with those of differing opinions.

    Those actively seeking insults, often reach their goals.

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  18. You lack understanding and I am not just talking about understanding another's point of view...but just in general. We can be done. Go harrass someone else.
  19. Apparently you can't shake your own bias enough to have a pleasant conversation. Do you have any friends on the left?

  20. What part of "go harrass someone else" do you not understand? Please report this to yourself and give yourself a warning.

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