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Are you friends with Trump supporters?

Discussion in 'General' started by incrededibles, Aug 26, 2017.

  1. Okay how about today's nazis then? It would be really hard for me to listen to my friend preaching white lives matter all the time

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  2. The title says a lot about how stupid people really can be. My goodness, I can't stand the guy but some of my friends like him. We have discussions about the man and never agree but damn.
    Fucking a trump supporter...
    You sound professional...
  3. I perform compulation with a trump supporter*
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  4. Oh yeah?
  5. is that better for you? less aggressive?
  6. Aggressive? I am confused. I was making a joke of how she referred to the person she was sleeping with.
    Then I joked about your misspelling. I am unaware of the aggression you speak of. I am not sure the word copulate is any less violent than fuck. As they are only words that are unable to cause physical damage( yes tons of sarcasm here).
    I am dankfeet. Not trump!
    Keep on keeping on!
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  7. Luckily, none of my friends are tRump supporters.

    I dont see how anyone who wants weed to be legal can in any way, shape, or form support tRump. Also not saying you have to support Hilly either.

    IMHO tRump is 1 of the worst human beings weve ever had in the White House, short of Andy Jackson.

    He got to where he is by being a Racist, Divider/Birther, and all that allowed that to happen are responsible for this moron. He has 0 Redeeming Qualities, and. thinks he's Gods Gift to humanity.

    He also says he cant think of anything that hes EVER DONE, thats he's SORRY for.

    A True Sociopath
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  8. I have Facebook friends who constantly post stuff about Muslims, refugees and sharia law and Trump .. like, it's all they post about.. but they're cool, I don't delete them just because we don't agree on some things. It's intellectually stimulating, rather.
  9. Oops wrong thread
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Bigot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    The guy who started this thread is confused.
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    Nazi is Not opinions , and is what got the Jews Gassed. Nazi is not speech, its a CULT. A way of life...Also Speech has consequences. Youre free to say basically what you want, but others also have the right to hold those people accountable for words, and actions. No Free Lunch.

    I have o tolerance for Nazis. As in 000. Theirs is not just an opinion. They are Genocidal, and have no place in a modern Peaceful world. People don't have to put up with dumb shit, and that's what Every One of those Right Wing Protesters Are.

    There are No Good People Marching with those chanting Blood, and Soil ect. There is 0000 defense for these people, ot those that marched with them, or defend them. They are Indefensible. Period. Unless youre a Nazi of course.

    These are just nasty, Illiterate, Violent idiots.

    I got put in Federal Prison and gave them 12+ years for growing to much weed.

    1 of my cellies was a guy who supplied the Gas, and Lumber to burn in a Biracial Couples front yard. They made an upside down cross, and burned it.

    I made life pure hell for this dude. I told ever fuckin Black Person I knew at the Prison what this punk did. I couldn't bunk with someone like that... And I had 15 years ??? He only got 7 ??? AND I got 8 Years Supervised Release. He got 3?? And I was going to have to share my room with this maggot ???

    And I was friends with as many Blacks, and Mexicans in prison, as I was friends with whites. Eventually he had to be put into Protective Custody, and moved from the prison.

    My 1st Cellie was the #1 dude of the Louis Farrakhan sect at the prison. We actually got along ok, and we never had 1 bad word in 6 months were were housed together. He didnt like my snoring, which I can understand. I don't like it either.

    These subhumans chant Blood, and Soil. Shoot Pistols at people. Run people over with a car, beat up Pastors. I say give them 10xs of what they give.

    Whatever they do, I say Do it back 10x harder to them. Fuek em. I have no sympathy, or tolerance for them, at all, and could never be friends with these Bigot, Nazi Genocidal idiots.

    My wifes Filipina, I'm White, and I have 00000 tolerance for ANY Racism. My wife is the sweetest ( Until Mad ) kindest, most generous person I know, and to think someone would want to exterminate her because she isn't white, is indescribable, and makes my blood boil. I would exterminate them first. Give them back, what they have in their hearts.
  14. he doesn't even want the why even support?

    tell ya what the friends of mine who voted for him have all stopped talking about him. that's been a nice change of pace, yanno, to sometimes go a full day without hearing his name
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  15. If you are so petty or ignorant to allow another's opposing political opinion decide who you associate with, you'll forever have no clue how to succeed or excel in life. Reality is that you will be forced to mix and mingle with all kinds of people in your life. Anger at oppositional opinions is a waste of time. And, by the way, i am a YUGE Trump supporter. First president we've had in decades who didn't go to DC to fill or pad pockets with big corporate dollars for reelection. Gotta live the good life off the taxpayer's back has been the long running theme on Capital Hill!! #MAGA!! TWW
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    #1...tRump ddint go to wash to pad his pockets ???? Now I cant believe anything you say. That's not true.... Hes made MILLIONS from the CIA having to Rent Space in his friggin building, and they have recently Moved Out because it cost so much for crikies sakes...

    tRump has already spent 20%+ of the Total Obama spent in 8 years for vacations. And this was 2 months ago. tRump has spent many, many more times playing Golf vs Obama at this point.

    I don't believe Obama played ANY Golf up to this point in his 1st year, and if he did, its was very, very, very little. But I'm pretty sure he played no golf at this point in his presidency.

    tRump has also spent so much money on his Families Security, that they cant pay the Secret Service, as they've used up the whole Budget.
    Kushners Sister was lobbying China at $500,000 a crack for Visas for certain people.

    I can go on.

    If Obama did this, he would have been buried under the White House. No way Obama could have gotten away with any of this. I find it highly hypocritical.

    Also Youre wrong if you think you have to socialize, and be friends with Bigots, and Nazis to be successful. You may have to tolerate them at work, but not in my social life, and I have 000000 interest in what they have to say. Period.

    Birds of a feather, flock together.

    I do not flock together with Nazis.

    Nazi is NOT a Political Opinion.
    Its a Way of Life. A Cult. Like Manson. Jim Jones. If the German People wold have stood up to Hitler, there would have been no genocide. So we must NOW stand up against These Nazis, in the way the Germans should have done in the first place, and I'm not dissing germans. Shit happens. Not all of it is good.

    tRump has given the Nazi/Klan to have a platform. Shame should come to him.

    tRump also claims that he cant remember 1 Thing Hes Sorry For???? What kind of a person has No Remorse, or Sorrow of things they have done in their lives. I sure know I do.

    Only a Sociopath has No Remorse. tRump ticks Every Box vs a Sociopath.

    These people chanting Blood, and Soil, shooting at people, and running them over with cars is NOT OPINION. That's Action, and should be met with 10x the force they come with.

    They are for sure out numbered 10,000:1.
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  17. *Applause*

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    Yes, I am friends with a Trump supporter. No, I do not support Trump. You cannot be blissfully ignorant of the opposing side, and it's even more unwise to completely block out anyone just because they have different opinions of yours. My best friend ever who was my stoner buddy had polar opposite views from me. Everything was the exact opposite of what I felt, but he was still my best friend.

    They always say, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Not that the opposing political side is your enemy, it's just that I like to understand why people view things the way they do, not shun them for viewing things in a different perspective. Clearly, most Trump supporters aren't supporting Trump on some random whim, they have a reason to, and I'd like to know those reasons, and why they support X, Y, or Z. Because then, I can either change my own mind given their reasons, or create reasons to debunk why you shouldn't support X, Y, or Z.

    And your nazi comment, same deal. You can either shun Nazi's, which won't make Nazi's go away, or you can try and understand where they're coming from and listen to them. Figure out exactly what's got them scared of other races or wanting to hurt them or separate them. What they don't realize is their own race is just as guilty as the crimes they accuse others of. If not worse. I'll just put this out there, but the absolute vast majority of today's school shooters are white with mental illnesses. If you're white and do a school shooting, it's a mental illness. If you're brown or black and do a school shooting, it's terrorism. But odds are, they also had a mental illness, we just labeled them as something else to add the fear factor.
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  19. I know where Nazis are coming from. we learned that lesson almost 80 years ago.

    I lived with them in Federal Prison for 8 years.

    And they aren't scared of other races. They are SUPERIOR in their minds. They aint scared. Get a grip.

    Nazi == pure race of whites. No Exceptions.

    Also you can display Known INDIVIDUALS that are Nazi/Klan SYMPATHIZERS ect on TV, Name Them, and see what their Employers do. They wont be able to hold jobs, because the vast majority of employers wouldn't hire them, or keep them, because they will lose business. They need to be confronted, and then ostracized from the norms of society.
  20. All that will do is make them hide their nazism.... They'll still be a nazi. Just like how you can fire people for smoking weed, you can drug test, you can do all these things to try to make people stop smoking weed, but all you'll do is hide the smart weed smokers from the rest of the world. There's plenty of successful people who refuse to acknowledge they smoke weed simply from the stigma - yet they still do.

    I live with someone who is part of the Aryan Brotherhood. I'm fully aware of how their thought process is. But what I'm saying is, you can shun them all you want. It's not going to stop them nor their thought process, it only feeds their thought process. They think they're the victims, and you're victimizing them further, furthering their beliefs.

    Yes, they are scared of other races. They believe the white race will disappear and it's their job to keep it going - pure. Obviously, they will NEVER admit they're scared of the other races, but in truth, that's what it is. They don't like them, and they've had a bad experience with a handful and they're different than they are, so they clump them together and say all of them are bad. And jews too, for whatever reason. His reason is that they control mainstream things, and mainstream rap. Pretty sure old white men who aren't jews are also doing the same thing though.

    I'm not even saying these barriers shouldn't be put up, but I am saying that you can put them up, but realize it won't stop them from believing in what they do.

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