Are you for scuba today?

Discussion in 'General' started by Rhythm of Life, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. how many of you out there have experienced scuba diving and if so are you certified? where do you go? etc

    my first time was off the coast of lanai in maui, hawaii. i dove the catherdral or something like that best experience in my life. the dive masters name was yoshi! but yea whenever im in the water i feel at one with nature (wayyyyyy cliche) i love water
  2. its on the list of things to do, looks fuckin BADASS id love to do it high as FUCK
  3. ahhhh scuba!

    i am always for scuba. i went scuba diving my first, and only time in Israel. I was staying in Eilat, the southern most point of the country, and i went scooba diving around a wrecked ship which was inhabited by dolphins and other tropical type fishies. it was fucking HENCH. i had an awesome time, i swam with and played with fucking strait up dolphins and got to see some really really awesome stuff. plus, i have my dumb ass on video underwater which makes it fun to look back on.

    id love to go again.
  4. being from south florida scuba diving on some of the most beautiful reefs in North America was quite a pleasure.. Ive been wreck diving about half a dozen different spots throughout the florida keys and along the east coast. i havent done so much scuba in california :(
  5. oh man you just reminded me of when i went free diving. i popped down maybe 15 ft and saw a gnarley lookn moray eel when i was cruzin the reefs of hawaii. funny thing was when i popped back up i saw i was maybe 500yrds from the beach far out

    also i love sailing hobie cats are my favorite but 2 summers ago i sailed way far down the coast of florida. forget where i started but its 150 miles about north of key west cause thats where we ended up. free diving for lobbies down there and eatn some GREAT grouper
  6. I'd love to try it someday- but not while I am in Rhode Island.

    Seems like it would be an adventure- I mean throwing yourself into a different environment, one humans were not intended to go to must be a real thrill.
  7. Im advanced certified. Got maybe 20 dives under my belt. I've dove numerous reefs and wrecks off the south Florida coast and in the Florida Keys. I've also done the Bahamas numerous times and am going to St. Thomas (USVI) and the Cayman Islands in September or October!! Gunna be some epic diving down there! Sometime soon im also gunna get down to Belize for a dive. SCUBA diving is a true passion of mine.. you enter a entirely different world when your down 90 feet in the is so badass. I have a few pics I took about a year ago of a 350 lb. goliath grouper that was a resident of the sunken barge we dove, about 80 feet down. I've got a bunch of other cool pics too. I'll try to upload the pics sometime soon. Anybody spearfish? Im trying to get into spearfishing but need to train my lungs more for that.
  8. I snorkled in many places, including maui. I would love to scuba, but I dont live anywhere near water
  9. diving the reefs of florida is killer, esp in the keys. ive been to a couple of wrecks, thats always cool. i was never certified but i know how to do it ;)
  10. Fuck that shit, A ***** cant swim.

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