Are you fed-up of unjust anti-marijuana laws?

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  1. Are you fed-up of unjust anti-marijuana laws?

    Throughout the world, people from all walks of life are calling for major reforms in how their local laws treat (and how mass media portrays) cannabis consumers.

    Do you ever find yourself as<span>king the same old questions over and over again?

    • Why is personal use or possession of a naturally-derived herb (with huge, well-documented medicinal potential) illegal in most countries?

    • Why is it that alcohol and tobacco: Two harmful, addictive substances – are fine in the eyes of most governments, but cannabis: A substance that has been described in the words of a Beckley Foundation report as: “considerably less harmful than alcohol or tobacco” – is still sitting on the ‘illegal' list?

    • Why are so many blind to the suffering of families and communities across the planet who are denied access to this most useful medicine – and whose loved ones face jail-time (Or worse) for merely possessing this healing herb?

    Seeking the truth about these thought-provoking questions is your right as a human being, wherever you live: But positive change can only happen if the truth is spread through peaceful, legal activism.
    What is The Vault doing to help bring an end to the madness that is marijuana prohibition?

    The Vault is passionate about helping to make this world a better place: We are involved in an array of activities, in association with a number of non-profit, non-governmental organisations, to help tackle the issues regarding cannabis legalisation head-on.

    Find out more about our activism efforts here and remember: The truth (and common sense) will prevail in the end: We just need to work together to bring our common goal closer to fruition.

    Please like and share this and feel free to contribute your thoughts on this matter.</span>

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