Are you ever high before you get high?

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  1. Yeah, catchy title caught your eye eh?

    Well I've been thinkin.

    Usually I'm pretty mellow, chilled out, typical stoner. Well today, I was unchill for a while. I mean I was in a good mood. A DAMN good mood. Like that "i'm on top of the world" type feeling. I was chilled out, when I got home. Usually right when I get the chance to blaze I do it. Like, I fiend. There's no break between when I get home and when I blaze (if i can). But today, I was in a good mood.

    So anyhow, I come home, chill out for a bit, think of the munchies I'll have or w/e. And I didn't even blaze right away. I was already in a good enough mood just to function normally without it! So I chilled, knowing that soon I'd blaze.

    So I decided to watch a kids show while I blazed, cause they're freakin trippy. The show that was on was called Rupert. It was so trippy at the start, I took my first hit as the theme song was playing. OMG it was insane.

    But anyhow onto the funny part. I was SO into this show at about the 15 min point. Like wow I was dedicated. I even had to freeze in the middle of packing a bowl to watch an interesting point.

    Anyhow, by the time the plot was beginning to thicken on the show and it was starting to climax I was RIPPED. Like I was freakin high. I just had to collapse on my bed I was so ripped. But anyway, by this point King Zuse (A freakin Roman GOD!!!!) had freakin blamed Rupert for doing something these REALLY SCARY sharks did. They freakin stole King Zeus's Trident thing, or whatever. With the 3 spikes on it. And like, they held it for ransom and asked for all of the kings treasure. And then said it was Rupert who did the ransom. It was like a big court scene and the King was the judge.

    And this jellyfish was Ruperts lawer, and he said something dumb and Rupert said "You have to be more enthusiastic than that!" and the jellyfish said (in this REALLY FUNNY voice) "Thats the best I can do, I'm spineless!"


    I trripped so bad. I couldn't take it and had to turn the show off. Like OMG it was so freakin trippy.



    I was ripped by this point, paranoid as hell. To scared to watch the rest of a show with 6 year olds as their target audience.

    I freakin run around my house looking through windows and shit to see if neighbours were home to smell the weed. I mean, I was ripped and paranoid. Everytime I passed a mirror I looked in it and I was doing THE FUNNIEST thing every time. Like I didn't even think about doing it my body just spazzed into a funny position every time I looked into the mirror.


    Anyhow, after doing this for like, 5 minutes I realized the climax of Rupert was probably over and it was on the declining 'happy ending' part of the story. WAS I EVER RIGHT!

    Rupert somehow escaped (I dunno how cause I missed that part), and he got a lot of pretty shells, and when he puts his ear to it he can here the ocean! So he'll be reminded of it all the time!!


    But there's a problem!


    Something they thought no one would catch. But I did!

    During the end credits of the show (I was trippin to them too), I saw something.

    Well during the credits, there's strange pictures in the backgrounds, clips from the show or whatever, I guess to make it look like kids are still watching the credits. So the names of the creators can subliminally slip into the childrens mind, for later use in some big government project.

    But I noticed something in one of those pictures:eek:

    Rupert, and some really messed up round little thing were like looking all sneaky in a forest. It was like Rupert was showing his round friend something.

    So I quickly turn my attention to the bottom left hand side of the screen. What do I see? The freakin King Zeus's Trident, AND ALL HIS TREASURE!!

    And Rupert had it like it was all his somehow.

    Now, unless I missed a part in the show where Rupert PUNKED the King really bad. Somethings up there man!

    Like what! Has anyone seen this episode of Rupert, and can tell me how buddy got ahold of all that feakin treasure.

    Or was that just a random picture of something that never happened???

    Like wow! If I'm not mistaken, this proves that Rupert is infact the villian of the show, and is manipulating EVERYONE else!

    Just watch that show sometime, keeping in mind that Rupert is the villian. And make sure your really high. You'll see that I am indeed correct in this hypothesis!!


    Anyhow, to the point of this whole story, if your gonna get high, be happy before you get high. Wow it makes it so much cooler.

    Maybe I'm the only dude who doesn't do this alot cause I'm Mr. Mellow who's only regular high is drug enduced.

    But wow. I'm gonna wait till I'm naturally high, and just in a good mood before I smoke weed. It'll be better for tolerence, and the high will just be so much nicer cause it's x2!!

    Thanks for reading, I hope this makes sense. Maybe you have to be high to understand it cause it was written by a high person.
  2. Wow I just noticed something.

    Notice how I started with paragraphs and then like started putting a space between every sentence? Shows how the attention span of a stoner just dies. Like wow I was so ripped at the start of righting that, and by the end I was so burnt out, but still ripped too. Now I dunno whats going on but I've got more dope da dope.

    To smoke da smoke!

    PS: Wow when I first saw how long that post was I laughed SO HARD. I Thought it would be like 1/8th that big. WOW.
  3. lmao i remember watching that show when i was younger, but never when im high.

    the only kiddie show ill watch while/after smoking is spongebob. OMFG freiking helarious (sp?).

    like hes a yellow sponge who lives underwater, in a pineapple..... like that just has stoner watch this written all over it!:hello:

    best part is when his eyes go 4X normal size whenever hes excited, sad, happy, well pretty much the whole damn time.

    moral of this post?
    kiddie shows rock when baked out of ur skull :wave:
  4. Yeah for sure, I'm just realizing this now. I usually go through phases smoking weed where there's and activity I enjoy way more than any other, and do that same thing every time I get high.

    Well kiddie shows it is! I can only enjoy them if I'm really high, so I think even for this I'm gonna force myself to only blaze once every 3 days, so it stays fresh and exciting for a while.

  5. Thats how I allways am before I get high. Man is it an experience, and only 1 or 2 hits and im allready feelin it.
  6. haha sounds intense man i might of even passed out
  7. good god i love stoners :smoke:
  8. Haha I know the feeling! +rep for some good reading.
  9. That sounds like a pretty neat idea, Kids shows are trippy. Sounds like a good time as well.
  10. Wow i have to watch that sometime. And the idea that the kids shows are sending subliminal messages. Genius! Who knows how those names might be used in the future?!
  11. Three words: Yo Gabba Gabba!

    That show is amazing and HILARIOUS stoned.
  12. Anyhow, to the point of this whole story, if your gonna get high, be happy before you get high. Wow it makes it so much cooler.

    Yea dude think about it. If someone were to try salvia, shrooms or acid, the best advice is to be in a comfortable, relaxed environment and to be in a good mood. Any drug is better if your in a good mood before you take it. Just a good reason to be in a good mood even without drugs haha.
  13. Wow!!! lol jk. no but really i think imma try that that shit sounds fucking intense! :D

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