Are you doing your part? You like to toke but..?

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Jul 10, 2004.

  1. Maybe its the upcoming election, maybe its just that time in my life when I come to realize enough is enough.
    I just feel that we need to spend more time and efforts where they are needed. WE are the ones who will help change anything. WE are the ones who need to know whats going on and help change them.
    Spend some time in our legalization and MJ news forums. There are things we can do NOW. We are the voices that need to be heard. So why arent we screaming??
    Theres a lot going on out there, thanks RMJL, all the info you posted this morning made me want to shout out, cause im wondering who really cares enough to click a few times to send a simple letter? every little bit helps.

    are you in?
  2. Sensi...I am extremely proud of you and very thankful to see you get so involved. I've noticed your efforts recently and I applaud you for them. :)

    You are very right in saying that every little bit helps. Every little bit adds up to be a whole lot. If everyone in the City actually did a small part in trying to change the way things are, then we might actually see some change.

    Great thread! Maybe it will get more people involved in the crusade! :D
  3. yea i posted a link up to the drug policy alliance this week but people jus kinda put it off like "it'll never help" but i'm doin about as much as i know how to to help get things goin.

    by the way that link is for anybody who's interested

  4. Good job, Negligent!!! I'm proud of you too! :D
  5. Good post!

    I've been sending a lot of emails the past few weeks. Took a trip to the Legalization and Activism board this morning and sent some more. On another front I'm saving up some money to get a NORML membership. I'm trying to do my part, but I could be doing more. This post inspires me :)
  6. I'm inspired as well. In fact, I've been trying to find a job at an organization promoting legalization, but I've been unable to locate anyone willing to hire me. It's a damn shame.
  7. hey man ^^ you live in dc eh? you tried NORML...?...

    ..and ya im out there spreading the word!... :)..

  8. Yea, I've checked them out. They don't have any need for me, apparently. I never imagined that it would be so difficult to find a job after graduating from college, but I'm coming up short on all fronts. I suppose I should have expected as much, though. That's what I get for trying to get a job at an organization that does something I believe in. It's almost time to...gulp...sell out.
  9. I apologize for the double post, but I thought I should add that I even offered to work for free and was denied by NORML. It seems that I'm so unqualified that I'm not worth having around AT ALL. Rather depressing, isn't it?
  10. That distresses me.. did you volunteer or ask for pay?
  11. Whatever, I'm fine with it being illegal. Not like it's hard to get or anything. You still wouldn;t be able to toke in public or drive a car, so what's the differnce exactly? It'd just make Philip Morris and Monsanto even richer fucks than they already are. Is that what we want???!?!?!?! FUCK NO!
  12. Well I'm working my way towards law school with marijuana as my key motivational factor. I figure stick it to the man from the inside. Does that count?
  13. I'm proud of all of you...well, most, at least. :)

    It should be legal if for no one other than those who need it for medicinal purposes.

    When you look at the crowded prisons and children growing up without parents because Mommy and Daddy were caught holding a half-ounce then you'll realize that just because the prospect of legalization doesn't affect you on an individual level, at this's affecting everyone else in a very negative way. I've luckily never been in trouble for being a stoner...17 years and I'm still *knocking on wood* but the fact that marijuana is illegal affects me on a daily basis and I'm going to always do what I can to invoke change. I have respect for anyone who is willing to take a little time to make a difference.

  14. Because its so much easier when everyone is in, are you in?

    But yes, I would say if you want to actively particapate, join NORML, its not that much money, its you know for a fact it goes towards a great cause... then I'd say go and read as much as you can at ACLU's website, so much information there, might not all be ganja related, but its still got the right idea

  15. Exactly the problem. I don't have a law degree yet. I just graduated from Georgetown, and I'm planning to take a few years off before heading to law school. It seems that neither of the organizations you listed are interested in hiring anyone without a law degree, which is distressing. If NORML wants to make a difference anytime soon, they need to recruit as many motivated activists as possible to spread the word.

    In response to another previous post, I volunteered. I was told that they had no need for volunteers at the present time.

    Also, I want to comment on the post about marijuana legalization being a bad idea because it would enrich tobacco companies. Regardless of your opinions about corporations, they do provide important services to the public. Would you rather the government continue to appropriate a substantial portion of your tax dollars to prisons and law enforcement? Do you like the idea of thousands of harmless young adults being sent to prison for marijuana-related offenses? It's unjust, and that reason above all others should motivate each of us to do something about it.

    Okay, I'll step down from my soapbox now. :)
  16. You're walking in a dark alley and nobody is around to help you. Who would you rather confront, a mugger or a stoner? With the way the prisons are overcrowded the violent criminals get out early to make room for minor drug offenders. Is it really making our streets safe? Is having your child buy pot from a shady drug dealer who might have a gun safer than the alternatives that legalization or regulation might bring? Is it fair to the child who is forced into our pathetic foster care system because mommy and daddy were arrested for a small posession of pot?

    Sometimes I really wonder if humans are the most intelligent species on the plant. What is going through these people's minds when they support the drug war? They may support it now but one day their little Johnny will make a mistake and get busted for pot or shot down in a drug deal gone bad. Sadly people don't realize their mistakes until it's too late and affects them personally. Off topic a bit but this is what went through my mind as I read this post. From a parental standpoint(I may not be a parent but I know if I had children I'd want them safe) keeping pot illegal only hurts the children.

  17. We are, and its a damn shame.

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