Are you cynical?

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  1. I have no faith in humanity, you?
  2. In humanity as a whole, no, not really.
  3. Nope, we fucked up pretty bad thus far, it can only go down from here.
  4. Extremely so.
    [ame=]South Park Cynical Asshole - YouTube[/ame]
  5. Humans suck..dogs and whales man. there the new thing.:cool:
  6. no, im just realistic.
  7. ^ Lol, too true. What the fuck is the point of walking around, expecting the best from people? Set up for dissapointment.
  8. I'm a radical realist.
  9. I am the definition of it.
  10. Look at history and tell me we haven't been in this state since the beginning of time. Everyone thinks that the world is going to shit when it's not. The times are changing and so are the people in it, for the better? Maybe, for the worse? Maybe. It may look like it is turning to shit, but do you remember when someone holds the door for you? No? But you DO remember when someone calls you an asshole? Negativity leaves a bigger footprint in our minds.
  11. That's nihilism...Not cynicism.:cool:
  12. No, I don't judge myself.

    Everyone else does it well enough already.
  13. I totally have faith in humanity. It's always the little things that keep it alive.
  14. No, cats and dolphins.:cool:
  15. I believe humans are not fully aware of what they are capable of.They are lacking in potential socially. Though we can work together and do amazing things, since it's proven.

    Don't lose faith in humanity, life is still growing and learning greater knowledge. It seems like we are declining but evolution will grow us to greater advances socially. After all, life is still new to this whole social thing on the scale of evolution.
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    Very well said. Attitudes like this-

    Are only going to ensure we're taking one step forward and two steps back. You don't like that disappointment, do you? It's fucking unpleasant. So why encourage its occurrence to someone else on the karmic chain by spreading negativity like that? If you have no compassion or empathy, I can understand. But I don't let my own life's negative events affect my behaviour so much so that I repress others' potential for positivity.

    ^Salvation lies within.
  17. I have OCD and Anxiety and I noticed because of my depression it causes that I became very cynical. I don't live much of a productive life. I go to Community College, Work and work on my car and do some photography and stuff. I have a creative mind, sometimes.
    My relationship is not good because of my disorders. Nothing is fun. When people show me pictures or anything I just really do not care. I work in retail and everyone is the same, putting on an act. I say the same thing to every customer and it never gets old to them. I have to pretend to be happy, and people have to pretend to listen to me. Sometimes I will be in a decent mood. But mostly my guilt and nervousness drags me down into a pool of cynicism. I hate everyone, even if they are nice they piss me off. Always feeling like I can never get satisfaction out of life has made me hate everything except a select few things.

    I feel I can analyze every person and know what they are thinking. I know they aren't really happy to talk to me and they probably are thinking that my beard looks like pubes or that my hair is sticking up. It just makes everything hard, but sometimes it is fun to be cynical. If that is bad then I have more problems than i think.
  18. One of these people that thinks he's still safe when he's in his living room.

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