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Are You Crazy?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Salvador Dali, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Ok im crazy. i have a very stange mental disorder, schitsophrena, supposedly brought on by my marijuana use. i think this is total bullshit. I was crazy befor i ever toked but now all of a sudden im on some really psych drugs that will make you care about nothing and i think im getting a raw deal because i felt ten times better when i was stoned than i do on the meds...Ok now to the point i was just wondering if there were any other Crazy people out there...perhaps with certificates of "Psychoness" like me or if i was the only Schitso Art major Pothead in the world...........Just wonderin.

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  2. I have an anxiety disorder. I know that's not as big as scitzophrenia but... I hear and see things when I'm having a panic attack. That's why I'm drunk all the time. Even right now man, haha.
  3. Man hell yeah Power to the Crazies. Hey new slogan dont wave they may be after you.....No that sucks they are coming for stop discussing....
  4. So what meds do you take?
  5. You are not alone........I really don't consider myself schitsophrena....I've always been alittle "Ka-nuts". Kinda help to be just alittle "unwell" to live peaceful in this Crazy World.
  6. I'm on zyprexa a Psychotic "depressor" like thing. It makes you not care about anything and it does help with the voices.
  7. It has been proven that marijuana can bring schitzophrenia out if you have it in your personality. That's why at one point they said pot could make you crazy.
  8. Yeah thats the same thing the doctor said and with my already paranoid attitude then it really kicks my ass when im stoned cause im super paranoid.
  9. i masturbate with egg whites and toast

    is that a disorder?

  10. Not if it's breakfast time!!!!! LOL
  11. lol..i was just sitting here thinking...

    if someone really neive got on here, and read all the shit that ive said...and believed it...

    id be one twisted crazy dillusional mofo in their mind.
  12. Thats what we all think any way!!!!
    One crazy Mofo!!!!
  13. you make a valid point
  14. A friend of mine was going through a dose of depression and his doc put him on Zyprexa. I always check out the info on meds and when I read about it, I couldn't believe the doc put him on it. You're right about how it makes a person feel...he was out of it and not caring about shit. He finally stopped taking it once he realized that he wasn't functioning well.

    Sometimes, I wonder if some people would be better without the meds but then I realize that some have to have them. The problem I have is where the line is drawn between needing the drug and being a drug addict.

    Oprah had a "drug addict" show on this week and this woman was prescribed Xanax and had been taking them for years. So, they called her a "drug addict" and sent her off to rehab. She really isn't functioning so well after rehab so what if she really needs them? Why live with severe anxiety and have bad days when a medication can help? Why do they want people to have crappy days? None of my docs will prescribe it because it's "addictive"....

    "If a professional tells a person with a definable, DSM-IV anxiety disorder that the anti-anxiety agents may prove addictive to them, the professional (a) is not aware of research in the area of anxiety, and (b) should probably not be treating you. The anti-anxiety agents work, they are safe, and people with anxiety disorders typically stay on a low dosage when going through CBT. These medications are nothing to worry about. When stopping anti-anxiety use, it is necessary to taper off the medication slowly, by reducing the dose gradually over a period of 3 to 4 weeks. "

    I believe the above paragraph. I think people are being denied real treatment due to the fact that some people abuse these drugs. People who really need pain meds are denied them because of what some people do. It's not fair.

    WOW! I went off on a rant in your thread. Sorry. I'll make up for it by telling you that you aren't the only "Schitso Art major Pothead in the world!!!" :D I mean it!
  15. I suffer from:

    1- Major Depression recurrent, with psychotic features.
    2- Generalized anxiety disorder. (It's what I smoke for).
    3- Social anxiety
    4- Depersonalization Disorder.

    Pot doesn't do a thing for my Depression. Doesn't do much
    for my Social Anxiety, I still have to leave a party early.
    It actually makes my depersonalization disorder worse, but I
    don't mind. I like being depersonalized. I've been so since
    I was about three.

    But my generalized anxiety, that's another story. If I smoke
    at least once a week, no problem. If I go more than a week,
    I start getting real jittery, I can't eat, I have racing thoughts
    and an upset stomach. I basically feel like shit and there's
    only two things that will relieve me of the symptoms. Have a
    toke, or cut myself. Cutting, (or burning), will relieve my
    symptoms for about a half hour to anywhere up to three
    hours. But it's a nasty way to get relief, and it leaves scars.
    Plus, everyone I've talked to about it; my mom, my shrinks,
    my friends,they're all horrified with it.

    So let's see. I've got one method that's illegal, but works
    great, and I've got another method that scars me, freaks out
    anyone who hears about it, and isn't very effective. Which
    one would you pick?

    But on the depression front I take Remeron, Zyprexa, and
    Lexapro. And they do me a world of good.
  16. o o o me me me pick me. hell iv been listed as mentally unstable before. this was from 8th grade to the end of 11th grade. i suffer from
    chronic depression mmmmmmm chronic.
    adhd nothin big
    anxiety and social anxiety nothin a few pills wont cure
    turretts damn shakes just make me look crazy.
    im sorry to hear about that schitzo shit. smoking pot has helped me mellow out alot its one of the reasons im not dead yet. i was suicidal and stuff thats one of the reasons i was unstable. god i hope you dont need to go through the same shit i did. lets me count i had 4 different psychiatrists the first three were real dumb i was able to outsmart them and make them freak out good times. but then i got some dude who helped alot it took 6 years to finnally find some guy who was smarter then me and knew what the hell he was doing. and now i have to pop 5 pills a day to make it for me to be better. the only ones i take everyday are the ones for anxiety and depression. Maryjane just seems to enhance the effects of them i wasnt suicidal when i started smoking. so i guess in a way were all a little crazy.

  17. All you people are awesom this is the best forum in the world. i think that if the pink elephants saw what people can do when they get stoned and talk about their problems then they probably wouldnt be plotting an evil overthrough of the government on us......AH well that was useless but hope fully funny and all you people are entirely too cool for words. YOU ALL GET A COOKIE TOMORROW......if you go out and buy one. HA i appreciate it ya'll are great.
  18. peanut butter chocolate chip macadamia nut cookie if you can

  19. Read the fine print norm.......if you go out and buy one.....see im too poor tobepurchasing cookies for the entire listed posters of this forum and if i was rich enough then you would get 10 macadamia chocolate tootie fruity enjoy and find time to fly.
  20. Maaaaan, i have to choose between schitzophrenia and sobriety... hmmm... i could have both if i put my mind to it...

    ...lata, janice is calling

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