are you baked right now?

Discussion in 'General' started by mark, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. are you sat at the comp with your bong next to you?, i am
  2. Nope,i will be soon though.i live at my sis's house and they leave on saturday nights so that pretty much entitles me to smoking at my computer in their living room.they havent left yet...

  3. Yup.............:cool:

  4. nah i usually get stoned outside in the garden then come inside.

    It's so much more spiritual outside.

    watch this if your high man

    [ame=""]YouTube - 1960s LSD Propaganda Film[/ame]
  5. Hell yeah.
  6. nope

    but i'm baked none the less
  7. I am stoned out of my head right now...the weed alone in BC makes me want to move here haha.
  8. Yea, I'm currently smoking heavy, and fighting with a god dam, Timer, Ohhh..So frustrating.

    I need, Another Toke Dude
  9. i am not. been a while since i've had any... tis all right, though.
  10. very much so....

    Bong resides in mini fridge I reside in recliner
  11. I'm Still, fucking baked, How long ago was that...Dam, Timer.:D
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    Yea, i STILL havent smoked yet tonight but hopefully will soon.

    UPDATE: ok now i am def. baked.
  13. rolling as we speak
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    inevitbale question

    ...yup. can barely type

    guarentee you i wont remember typing this
  15. yes... pretty stoned. i just smoked witha buddy and he locked his keys in his car. so we buy coffee to melt the ice.. didnt work. i realized we had de icer in my car. still didnt help much. finally i gave it once last push and got it just barely cracked.. about an inch. then i open it finally and bump the sliding window and next thing you know it shattered everywhere..

    got a fifth though. so itll be a good night
  16. no, but about to be :D

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