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Are you baked? Let me try to blow your mind

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by RollingRed, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Are you unbelievably high right now? Let's do this. Open your mind. Are you ready?


    What the hell? Seriously. We are so awesome. Look around you.


    Let's start on a fundamental level. We are nothing but animals. We are biological beings that, provided you accept the idea of evolution, have grown at a rapid rate. Compare your body to that of a simple bacteria. It is where we originated from, but for some reason, we have so vastly evolved beyond it that we have achieved exceptional amounts of communication between each other. We have achieved the complete and utter bastardization of our environment for our own gain. Most importantly, we have achieved conscious thought.

    I want you to picture yourself right now. You are sitting at a computer, most likely in your home. Pull back a little. You're likely in a neighborhood, or perhaps an apartment building, with identical shelter units that humans use for both safety and happiness. Each of these homes is exceptionally constructed and has electricity, heating and a constant water source. Compare that with the living conditions of a bear or a deer. Bears don't have shit. They make due. We just make everything.

    Now think of how large of a scale humanity reaches. We have, quite literally, conquered Earth. I like to make a comparison to nations. Imagine if, let's say Greece, conquered the world. You'd be like, "Shit. Greece is powerful." Humanity has conquered the world on a species level in such an excessive way. Why? Is there a powerful being that created us and put us here to run amok? Or have there been just so many coincidences that we have become some sort of super powerful species? Think of another bear. If you found out that bears somehow learned to carve wood in artistic designs simply to enjoy their aesthetic qualities, you would flip out. But we have that. We love art. But what other completely ridiculous things do we have? Tons. Think of sports teams. Tens of thousands of humans gather in a giant arena to watch exceptional physical specimens of their own species compete in entirely trivial physical activities. What about grocery stores? Bears struggle every day to find a decent food source. They must hunt. We have grown so far beyond that, that we have an infrastructure in which food is gathered in massive qualities for us all to, simply and conveniently, acquire in exchange for another ridiculous concept - currency. Think of every activity that humans do as an objective, animalistic quality, and you will be completely blown away.

    Yes, compared to bacteria, animals, and even Earth in general, we are absolutely a massive presence. But while we are prominent, we are also nothing.


    The universe is big. Like, really big. Like, you can't possible comprehend just how much shit is out there. There is no way in hell that we are the only sentient beings. But with all the random occurrences that led to our existence, how can we be sure that other living things are even remotely similar or conducive to our understanding of life. The very idea that another galaxy has different rules in terms of physics, gravity, biology, elements et al, means that our existence could potentially be entirely unique. Or maybe, the opposite. The scale of universe is so massive, that there could potentially be infinite recreations of our exact selves. There could very well be another humanity, or maybe more than one, that are in different stages. But we just don't know. We can't. But should we? Bears don't know shit. They don't even really know their own existence. But we humans are currently using an absolutely massive piece of ridiculous technology (the Large Hadron Collider) in order to find out if a particle, that we THINK exists, actually does, and if it does, it is a key part in the origin of mass in the universe (the Higgs boson). Wow. Really? Do we need to know this? Regardless, we're trying to find out. Meanwhile, bears are just doin' their thang.

    But if we're trying to find this out sort of stuff out right now, what's next for humanity?


    We are at a crossroads in humanity's existence. In the future, humans will look at our era and say that it is when everything changed. Why? Communication. Epic, widespread communication. It started with the telegraph. It evolved with radio. But it is this Internet thing that changes humanity forever. It really does. It is entirely instant communication to, conceivably, any other human on the planet.

    Think of Christopher Columbus. He did his whole "Discover America" thing in 1493. That is roughly 500 years ago. A long time compared to our individual lives, but not a heck of a whole lotta time compared to humanity, Earth and the universe in general. Back then, he was looking for another route to China and stumbled upon this land that his people didn't even knew existed. He found people that he, or anyone else back in Europe, knew were alive. Humanity was still meeting each other. And it took a shit ton of time to get there. A couple of his voyages took almost a full year, because he used a boat, and boats suck. Now, if you want to go from Spain to Cuba, you board an airplane. An extremely heavy, giant piece of metal and stuff that essentially, due to its geometry and ridiculous speed, air doesn't know what to do with it so it just lets it fly. Both literally and figuratively. And the whole plane ride is maybe 5-10 hours. You can leave after breakfast and still get there in time to watch House.

    But back to my original point: Communication. Chris Columbus (I can call him Chris. We were tight.) said "Hi" to these indigenous people for the first time without ever knowing of their existence before hand. Humanity was extremely split. Not anymore. If you want to speak to someone half way across the world, you can log on to your computer and fire them an INSTANTANEOUS message that they will read immediately.

    I want that to sink in.

    The Crusaders. Cleopatra. Genghis Khan. They all did their own thing. Sure, they knew other people in their area, and had trade routes and such. But did any of them belong to a forum discussion in which they extol the virtues of marijuana with others from all over the world? Well, Khan was but he got banned.

    But in all seriousness, we are a time where humanity has become entirely interconnected through widespread, instant communication. Not only is that a huge event in itself, but it has ridiculous implications for the future. The sum of human knowledge is now being shared from every corner of the world. Society will continue to evolve, and now at a much faster rate due to the interconnected nature of humanity that has only very recently become significant.

    200 years ago, the French Revolution happened. That changed a lot. But Marie Antoinette barely knew, and certainly didn't IM George Washington. How will our advancement, both on a society and biological level, shift now that we are more than separate nations, but also an interconnected species that know how to use tools, think consciously about ourselves and our existence in a massive universe and on an essentially dominated planet, and communicate between each other on a massive scope.


    The Middle Ages were 1,000 - 1,300 years ago. Compared to our society now, the Medieval lifestyle is entirely ridiculous. But who could have predicted that 1,000 years later, humans would be doing what we are doing now. Now, with virtually all humans capable of communication with each other, we will continue changing. I don't even want to think of what we will be doing in another thousand years. And to think, we're simply animals, just like bears. But awesome.

    Sheeeeeeeet. :smoking:

  2. :smoking: this is exactly the type of shit i think about when im blazed. +rep
  3. Damn that's deep.
  4. I'm a Bear, what do I get out of this?

    & yes, this is deep and also some of the shit I think about when I'm blazed.. Good Post sir.
  5. cool thoughts but there are flaws
  6. dont see the flaws personally.

    yea thats some shit to say, but maybe its just me, the only reason i didnt get my mind blown is cause ive thought of those exact same ideas, sober and fucked up.
    we are just animals that developed faster and better than other animals. and the faster we develop the more developed me become. if that makes sense. were way above the competition to put it simply
  7. That is one serious long post but it's brilliant, i love all that philosophical shit when im high
  8. Haha why are you comparing the human race to bears so much? Did you recently watch a special on the discovery channel lol
  9. nice post man sometimes its overwhelming
  10. im glad you posted this this is the kind of stuff i think of every day and the real nature of our existence is truly mind blowing

    im glad other people think about this stuff too, its really important to look at our existence in its true nature instead of seeing everything in respect to our human preconceptions.

    it always makes me happy to look at our world and say "wow what an insane, crazy, cool place we live in" :smoking:
  11. #11 SmokeeTheBear, Apr 18, 2010
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    Nah man, I don't think we're going to change as much as you think we are, we as a human race are reaching a plateau of technology in my opinion. We don't really NEED anything, the only reason we have so much crap is because our government has been borrowing money from china to research random shit to "create jobs".

    The only major things I predict are gonna happen in the next 100 years are possibly a new better alternative to fossil fuels that's even more efficient. Maybe a new main mode of transportation other than cars (although this would be very hard to pull off I think). Improvements in health care/drugs (but I'm hoping it moves more to natural preventetive medicine as opposed to more "man made" drugs). Planes/Trains/Boat imporvements. Maybe a miniature test colony on the moon (definitely not sure about this one), and perhaps a little more exploration/colonization of underwater territoy. Hell we might even be making islands large-scale by then.

    But yeah I don't really see what else they could really do other than that. I mean they already put the internet/music/phone/tv in the palm of your hand, we can even video chat! It doesn't get much better than that haha.

    Kinda freaked me out when you were talking about how we can all communicate with others instantaneously cause I was thinking IF the government or whoever the fuck comes up with the technology to implant chips in your brain they could totally control you remotely and you wouldn't even fuckin know it. Damn idk how I feel about all this technology shit to be honest lol, I like the outdoors.

    Good post man lol :D
  12. I literally had like a 3 hour talk with my brother last night (who I don't seem very often) about this exact same topic. And I mean EXACT! Like every point you mentioned was brought up in our conversation last night. It's almost creepy. But very cool. And I totally agree on all points. We are just creatures roaming the earth that happened to develop in a much more sophisticated manner, especially with communication. Pretty much, however, the world will come to an end and all life will cease, meaning that life is pretty much pointless.

    I could go on forever about this kinda shit, but I won't for now. Great post man.
  13. If you made the same post in 200 years, think of how it could be different..
  14. Hmm, possibly possibly.

    Lots of speculation on that, interesting I say
  15. Well, I wanted to consistently compare us to an animal, and, well, bears are freakin' bears! Why not?

    All of the points you bring up are very valid and quite realistic for the next while. However, I find it impossible that humanity will maintain at this specific level for the rest of our existence. We will have to evolve in some way.

    I definitely agree with your mentioning of underwater exploration though. Sorta weirds me out how we've seen less than 2% (or whatever ridiculously low number) of the ocean, yet we're convinced that space is the next frontier. Should we not totally sort out shit on our own planet first?

    As other peoples' criticisms, that's cool. I'm not trying to predict anything. I just think it's fun to think about. Which is also why, if any of you have revelations while reading this sorta stuff, please share. Love this stuff :)
  16. haha lmao I know exactly what is happening. Whenever Im High I think just like this. Isn't it great? It opens your eyes to let you see the universe, how it really is. When im high I always think about my existence in nature. Every little detail of the earth captivates my interest. ......im clearly high rite now.:smoking:
  17. While the world governments stand at the brink of economic collapse and war the people are more connected with each other than ever before in history.

    I believe that once the internet evolves out of it's /b/ stage it has the potential to be the single most powerful force in achieving world peace (hard to see that now though :laughing:).

    We're still trying get past our ideological differences - but imagine the results of 100 years of the global population being able to instantly communicate.

    The important thing is maintaining net neutrality so that corporations and government can't influence the information we share with each other.
  18. Haha fuck man that makes me think about some crazy shit, like what if at the bottom of the ocean there's another race (maybe even partially human!) that lives way down in the depths and considers the upper levels of the ocean and land the same way we consider space! Trippy shit man... I can tell you'd be a good addition to any theological smoke sesh haha
  19. I'd like to read the whole thing, but i disagree completely where you say 'we are so awesome'

    i think humanity is possibly the worst and most bizarre thing ever to happen to this planet.
  20. I think we're beautiful as individuals, but as a whole we lost our way a loooong time ago.

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