Are you as tough as a 102 year old woman?

Discussion in 'General' started by AmsterdamdreamN, May 12, 2004.

  1. 102-year-old Italian woman survives four-storey fall unscathed
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    ROME (AFP) - A 102-year-old Italian woman survived unscathed a fall from the fourth floor of her Turin retirement home.

    Elisa Levi leaned over the railing of a fourth-storey balcony to observe repairs being made in the courtyard when she lost her balance and plunged to the ground, the La Stampa daily said Tuesday.

    Her fall was broken by a plastic playground house destined for a neighboring preschool that had been temporarily placed alongside the building by the workers.

    She was rushed to a nearby hospital, with only the daily La Repubblica saying Levi had sustained any injuries: a fractured arm.

    Is this the right forum for weird news like this, or should it go into the humor section. I'm so confused!!
  2. wow.. my friend fell off an 80ft water fall with only a broken arm, thats pretty impressive, considering a 25 ft fall is fatal.
  3. Yah to go through something like that and live. Wow and wonder if the rest of her life is suburban in nature or also filled with james bond antics. :)
  4. Hah! She's a wuss! I could totally jump from the 8th floor AND land on my feet!.....She's lucky, 102 and almost died because she had to see those construction workers with their shirts off, all sweaty and manly looking... tsk tsk, bad grandma, bad.

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