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Are You Addicted To weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ROCHESTER-420, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Post answers now... [​IMG]
  2. nope. i just wanna get high everyday
  3. Yes, its ruined my life, people keep saying its not addictive so why did I sell my Grandmothers false teeth for a bowl of schwag! which didnt even get me that high so left me feeling empty and suicidal.... Damn fucking weed!
  4. Addicted as fuck.
  5. Only Green Crack
  6. I don't have an addiction - however, I choose to make it a part of my life. Just like some people choose to drink often, but are not alcoholics.

    I can quit and have quit, whenever I want.
  7. i just like to blaze. everyday.
  8. I only blaze daily when I dont have tests coming up, but when all test are written im pretty much blazin daily if i can get my hands on some.
  9. More yes than no ;)
  10. I wouldn't say addicted because I don't freak out or do all I can to get bud or smoke, but I do blaze at least once a day
  11. There's just very few things I'd rather do sober than high. Including going to school, talking to my parents, etc.
  12. say it boy!.... say it! :)
  13. ha i love the answers so far
  14. I sold my virginity for some weed... am I and addict?
  15. Probably. But I don't care.:smoke:
  16. I ain't addicted I'm committed.
  17. Your a weak person if you get addicted to a non addictive substance :smoke:
  18. i sold my daughter to a pimp for a qp so yes
  19. Imma die HIGH!!!
  20. I smoked daily for 1 year, weekly for the 4 before that. And I started smoking daily again last month, had to quit on wednesday night due to legal complications, I have never had an issue stopping. The issue truly is that my parents (I still live with them) don't understand that I am not smoking because I want to be cool. I am not a fucking sophomore in high school, I smoke because it calms me down and makes me a better person all around. Although I have been clean for 5 days now, and last night I had a pinched nerve in my neck, and as all my bud was confiscated from me quite rudely I had no way to deal with it, because I have bad reactions to advil and ibuprofen. (I get crazy headaches and stomach aches from both within 24 hours of ingestion)

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