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Are you a person that shares??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by el mexicano117, May 12, 2011.

  1. Just wanted to see some perspective on wat you guys think of sharing bud wit friends but they never buy weed jus you???
  2. There are maybe only 5 people in my book who i will share bud with. Anyone else, fuck off. MY WEED.
  3. I love to share, but that last part would get old quick. You should share with those who share with you. Otherwise, you're just getting used.
  4. That shouldn't be happening, one person isn't responsible for smoking everybody up. That said, I really don't mind blazing people up, or throwing down for a sack.
  5. If I have it and one of my friends doesn't, or the other way around.
  6. I smoke out my friends from time to time and they get me back when they have some of their own. It all works out.
  7. I put in and my friends put in. We all get blazed. We're all generous. Everybody wins.
  8. i smoke out people for 3 reasons

    first is my close friend because if i blaze them up i can expect the same within a week

    second is people i say are worth it for entertainment factor, these are people that are normally real easy to get high and are funny once there high(includes a bunch of different people)

    third is anyone who is new to blazing i will smoke up, got to spread the love

    no one else gets smoked up
  9. Yep thats pretty much the stoners code of sharing imo lol
  10. I will smoke out anyone and everyone who is around and wants to smoke, the more the merrier is my feeling.
  11. I share. I grow more than I smoke so I feel bad when other people feel like they need to put in. It costs me very little to grow, and I love doing it so take what you need. No need to match.

  12. i agree fully

    send me a ounce
  13. #13 BMORE HiiiGH, May 12, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 12, 2011
    I'll share with close friends only & they return the favor...if you know they don't have money & their a close friend I wouldn't mind
  14. I share if I feel like it, which is often because I'm generally around people who are generous. There's a lot of ways to share. Someone I haven't seen in awhile buys a round or two at a bar, I offer to smoke em up in my car. Maybe I'm with someone who wants to buy my dinner or lunch, same thing. Or I'm with people who always have bud on them and we just both combine and blaze up.

    Never let someone take advantage though.
  15. Yea all these bothers me i dont mind sharing cuz i really dnt like to get high alone i wanna b around other ppl that are high so dats y i smoke dem out bt lately its really been bothering me dat im the only smoking evreyone out
  16. Women usually smoke for free, unless they just smoke a whole lot.

    Otherwise I'll smoke up any of my good friends, and usually they'll get me back at some point or another.
  17. I dont mind sharing at all, to an extent. If someone is just going to use me for weed, thats different though. I dont mind smoking people out though. I know that most of those people would do the same for me if I was out or something.
  18. I only smoke one person up who never buys or has his own. But thats because I've lived my whole life with this guy and he hooks me up with other substances that can't be mentioned here :rolleyes: But otherwise I just throw down with people.
  19. Hell yea, I got 5 people in my neighborhood high for their first time, and I use to smoke occasionally with 1 friend for free, never even asked for a payback, but since i'm taking a t-break sadly he's out of luck.
  20. I share unless I know they have their own. I really don't care if they ever repay me (friendship usually pays for itself) plus I like smoking people out. Hella good time in exchange for some ganja? No problem.

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