are you a lone wolf?

Discussion in 'General' started by LittleWing420, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. do you prefer to smoke by yourself or with friends?
  2. Either by myself or with one close friend.
  3. I don't really have a preference, but more often than not I'm smoking by myself. But then again I live by myself, and my job is one where I am mobile and spend a great deal of time by myself so I dunno. I do enjoy coming home, and not turning on the tv, and just sitting in my house quiet as shit with nothing going on for an hour or so after work, then just slowly breaking up a bong load and hitting it wthout the rush of a rotation.

    I think if it were the case that there was no rotation, and everyone just had thier own bong, then smoking w/ other people would be better. I just want green in every hit, and to not be rushed when I'm smoking.
  4. Sometimes if I smoke by myself I get paranoid and shit and/or it's not fun.

    No more than 2 other people is where I like to keep it.
  5. either by myself, or with a few people. like 2-3 max. More than that is too much. No problem smoking with myself though.
  6. I love to be alone, but nothing beats having a good time with some homies :smoke:
  7. This

    2-3 people tops, and only good friends or it's awkward. I get paranoid and think I'm acting weird otherwise
  8. I always get paranoid that people are giving me laced shit or threw something in it when I wasn't looking when I smoke with people I'm not comfortable with
  9. i hate being alone most of the time however i usually enjoy doing drugs alone more then with people lol. dont get me wrong there are times where i wanna be alone and a i still love smoking with people and smoke with people more then i do myself but usually i prefer to toke alone. its more relaxing
  10. by myself. i dont get high to get silly. i get high so i can openmy mind and record it on paper. i write when i am high. poetry. stories. thoughts. letters. i make music. i think. i dont see th point in smoking bud ans sitting your ass on the couch watching fsmily guy. seems like an awful waste of bud. dont get me wrong i have done that with friends, its just lame. much rather be alone

    itsbeen a loong long time though

  11. all depends on what your looking for. enhancing creativity is deffinatly a good use for it. personally i smoke to relax and somtimes getting stoned and sitting on the couch watching family guy is what relaxes me after a long day :D i use other things when im looking for a creativity booster :D
  12. It depends on who I'm smoking with and what my curent mindset is
  13. lol you need new friends. if you dont liek kickin it wit your friends.:smoke:
  14. I always smoke alone. Get lonely sometimes. It would be better with a friend, I should think.
  15. When I smoke alone I prefer to be by myself
    +rep for whoever knows what song that's from btw it's tweaked a bit
  16. "I Drink Alone" by George Thorogood

  17. Right you are +rep
  18. This is kind of depressing...nah not really smoking alone can be tight. Most of my smoking buddies do it too. I enjoy smoking alone and with friends its just two different kinds of fun. When I am by myself I play video games, or draw. Sometimes just lie down and listen to music.

    With friends we just kind of kick it and do what anyone else does when stoned. Also watching Family Guy stoned is a waste but watching Always Sunny when stoned is great use.
  19. I smoke by myself 9 out of 10 times, I like to have all the control on what I'm doing, music, etc.

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