Are you a grower or a shower?

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  1. Just askin, everyones different.
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    should have made a "both" option
  3. you mean do i shave or natural
  4. im a grower man. limp my dick looks like nothing, but when i get hard, the change starts to happen. thats why i named my dick bruce banner. starts off all skinny and wimpy looking, then it gets big, mean, and veiny. it doesnt turn green but thats a good thing
  5. oooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.......

    no wonder i didn't get it.....
  6. yea my shits all skinny and short when i'm soft but when i get a little attention it gets long and fat. then i get the big eyes and the moaning begins lol xD

    for perspective i'm 135 lbs, 5'10" and i have < 5% body fat. i'm a skinny stick kid. lol i dont get it either.

  7. I dont get it...
  8. I am of English and Irish heritage... so of course I am a grower. My flaccid penis is not any sight to behold, but I hold me own when rock hard.

  9. are you pretty well hung without an erection?
    in that case you would be a shower. if not, a grower.
    at least that is my perspective on this thread lol
    i am a chick so what do i know
  10. I get it now.

    Grower. No lies, my penis is small flaccid.
  11. I thought all penises were small when soft......
  12. depends. on a lot of things actually.

    obviously temperature. if it's hot my balls are hanging low and my shits just kinda droopin and goin wherever it's comfortable. obviously cold makes my shit shrivel up like a slug and my balls hug me like my grandmother i cant stand going to visit.

    if you just get done havin a boner he just kinda chills long like that, but not hard... \

    after sex/jerkin he'll kinda do the same thing as after just having a boner, but without the option of getting hard for 5 min or so. sucks lol.

    but usually just hangin around he's about 1/3 size. just hangin out lol.

    this is me personally. obviously it'll be different for other guys.
  13. some are around the same size soft as hard, usually people of african american or latin heritage.
  14. Ah. I see.
    I know nothing about peni.
    I haven't seen a penis in real life since my cousin was in diapers. And he's gonna turn 14 this year....
  15. Borat's son is seventeen centimeters flaccid.

    Nice try but I think it's just penises.
  16. peni works for me haha.

    and yea... just because you like chicas doesnt mean you cant still be well cultured in the male arts hehe.

    maybe you just never met the right guy? lol idk...

    drunk + stoned = me coming up with bad ideas rofl
  17. I picked shower, but I'm a bit of both. I'm pretty well hung flacid, but I still gain plenty when I'm hard.
  18. Uhh.. nope! I really, really like pussy......I don't like dick...
  19. meh. suit yourself. lol obviously you've made a choice based on experience and not just cuz dicks are icky lol.

    so i'm good with that. enjoy your pussy!! er.. other ppl's pussies.

    and i shall too. sooner or later lol.
  20. I'm pretty similar.

    Definitely a grower myself... its like nothing special at all when I'm limp, but when I'm standin at attention so are the ladies :D

    and I'm a tall, skinny mofo too, that probably makes it look even bigger.

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