Are you a fan of gravity bongs?

Discussion in 'DIY and Homemade' started by mklem, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. I had fun in college making them and they always worked. kinda crude and harsh hitting yet effective
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  2. Well what I would do would use a bottle that has a lot of curves or notches and stuff and run it dry through whatever I was using to hold the water and then pull it out. Stuck it in the freezer and would freeze the droplets to the plastic and it made it very smooth and you can do it to your water holder also :)
  3. I will always love gravity bongs. First few times I ever got properly blasted was off one. And since then it's just an occasional super fun way to go to the moon. I made a mini one out of a 100 blank CD spindle lid and a gatorade bottle a while back that's been a hoot. Haven't busted out in a awhile though
  4. Not my style. It was fun in high school.

    My coworker does gravity dabs, and it's actually filtered through the water.

    I'll show a pic when he takes one.
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  5. There is nothing wrong with them. They don't burn hot enough to burn plastic I hope
  6. It's fun to do on occasion. I usually use an old jug of milk with the bottom cut off. Had the perfect sink for it too.

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  7. I used to make em in college for my buddies. I would get thos big tubs of cheese balls from Sams Club, the mouth is perfect size for a 2 liter bottle. Take a 2 Liter bottle and melt holes in the lower portion, and take the cap and carefully heat it. When it is good and hot jam a metal stem or a socket from any socket set into the cap. Use pliers to hold that cap or you will burn yourself. Screw cap on, submerge the bottle into the cheeze ball container, and you have near perfect vacuum sucking action. If you screw up the cap, find some plastic wrap or a sandwich bag and melt it around the socket/stem to make it airtight. Pro tip do not load the weed before sinking the bottle...
  8. I remember making a gravity bong with a 5 gallon water jug back in college. We used a bathtub for that. Good times.

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