Are you a deep thinker? Then read my post.

Discussion in 'General' started by Codone, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I rarely, if ever, have posted anything like this, so hook me up with some replies.

    Im fucked up right now, and I was wondering if you could relate to these fairly strong opinions.

    I do/did an outrageous amount of drugs and opiates daily, and just recently went on Suboxone. I am a college student with outrageous amounts of cash from a well payed job, with nothing to spend it on other than months and months of drugs. Ive been indulging in chemical happiness for pretty much my whole mature life; it seems like my dopamine receptors have gone into hibernation for awhile...


    I feel like I know the in-and-outs of every popular drug available today and Ive experimented numerous times with the most random ass, exotic drugs out there. I am like a walking Erowid or dictionary.

    Yet, after years of very well managed and well informed, but still really hella fuckin over abused relationship with drugs, I have found drugs to be the most life changing, awe-inspiring substance that an average guy can easily find, while also having the possibility of fucking your life over.

    Reality is how we precieve it, and oh boy, the various drugs known to man could be our next step in evolution. Think about that. We've already evolved physically, and are at the top in the physical world. Next is the mental evolution, and psychedilics definitely unlock something within your brain and your knowledge. Ever wonder how God became God? He had to evolve from something...

    :hello: Thanks for reading my shit. Deep thoughts now.
  2. Ouch! The Brain pains! they huuuurt:eek:
  3. Exploring the depths of the mind is awesome. Cosign "word".
  4. i like acid. haha
  5. Guess this proves I'm not.
  6. Here's my free $.02, but I just got really high, so it's probably not even worth free, lol...

    I've never been into opiates, but I've been smoking weed for years, and when I was younger I ingested fairly large quantities of LSD and Mushrooms.

    I do believe that drugs change your perspective and give you insights that you wouldn't have without them. I think drugs permanently change people; sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad.

    But, after you stop taking them, and years past, you start to realize that the perspective you gain from you acid trips (or whatever), isn't always as insightful as it seems at the time, and your perspective changes once again.

    If I can offer you some advice... you say you have large quantities of money, and nothing to do with it. Travel. I don't mean go to europe or the carribbean on vacation, I mean go backpack around SE Asia or South America for a few months. Stay with the locals and experience the food and the cultures. In my experience, this kind of travel has given me even more awe-inspiring, life changing experiences that drugs could never even come close to giving me. And, it's the kind of life changing thing that stays with you... forever.
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  8. Deep thoughs, deep thoughts...
  9. First off, even though technically we are "at the top of the food chain" we definitely are NOT at the top of the physical world.

    And yeah, I feel drugs, maily psychadelics could be the real mind openers of our future. With drugs you can think along totally diffrent thought patterns, leading to alot of diffrent discoveries.

    BUT alas, reality, is I guess how you perceive things to be real. But wether theyre "real" to you or not, they may not be real, but theyre still real in your head so does that make them real even though theyre not physically able to be acheived?

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