are you a boxer or brief person?

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  1. Are you a boxer guy/girl or a brief guy/girl?

    Let's take a pole.

    Don't be afraid to share your favourite pair. Please no nudity or porn links!

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  2. that picture of the female threw me off but I myself prefer boxer briefs
  3. More of a fan of just freeballing in gym shorts. Anyone else do the same? :cool:
  4. That's awesome! I forgot that one. Lol
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    Boxer briefs, but I'm probably gonna try some boxers soon.
  6. I like boxer briefs. Boxers are for teenagers and briefs are for little boys imo.
  7. I wear boh.
  8. Briefs are lovely. I only like wearing boxers if the pants that are a bit wide around my waist.
  9. Here in Scotland's briefs are known as pants or y fronts and if people know your wearing them it's quite funny haha like I'm laughing just now because I only ever wore 'pants' till I was like 8 years old haha sorry if no one finds this funny I am however in stitches lol!

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