Are ya feeling down? watch this

Discussion in 'General' started by TokinBlue, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. definitely made me smile, good post man.
  2. The little foot shake dance they did was pretty awesome.

    Great post, man, made my day. +Rep

    Toke on, my friends :D
  3. it didnt make my fever go away, but it brought my spirits up abit. good post anyhow +rep
  4. made me smile ..... after a shit monday at work

    thanks TB :)
  5. thanks guys :D

    and your welcome :smoke:
  6. My speakers aren't working so I just watched two smiley faces dance in silence.
    But I liked it! :)
    +Rep for the silent smiley faces.
    Also I like how they walk off into the ocean at the end.
  7. i like that video.......good choice for the city my man
  8. haha pink oddity, it plays don't worry be happy (just to give you an idea)

    hope those speakers get fixed soon :smoke:
  9. That did make me smile! Thanks, TokinBlue! :D

    I agree with JuniorCain too...That little foot dance they did was awesome.

    I needed a smile today too.


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