Are white flouros OK, or do I need 'cool white'?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ghostface, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Hi dudes. I have 3 two foot 18watt 'white' flouros, with a total of 3600 lumens between them. I'm only growing in a very small wardrobe, so do you think this is enough. Also is it necessary to have 'cool white', or are standerd 'whites' OK. If anyone can, could you also please tell me what the advantages of using 'cool whites' over 'whites' are.
    Thanks alot fellow smokers, any help will be very much appreciated. Cheers, -Ghost.
  2. the purpose of cool whites or reg whites... is cool whites dont generate heat.. other fluro bulbs do... Considering your growing in a small wadrobe you dont need heat... so you might not want to have the extra heat because that could affect your plants... another thing if you have cool whites you can keep them close to your plants forcing them to grow bigger and bigger with regular ones you have to move them further away cause they will burn your plants... my advice cool whites are the way to go..
  3. Cool whites warm whites....Cool whites have a different spectrum spread than warm whites..give off a bluer light, whilst warm whites have more red/orange in them giving off a warmer light. (temps are the same!) Back in the day (80's) we grew under flouros from start to finish. The best bet if you are going to use flouros only is, a equal mix 50/50 of warm on cool white bulbs. Do not I repeat do not get the Plant light flouros...waste of good $ and they really do not work any better. Just remember to keep the lights 2-3 inches from the tops of flouros do not throw any intensisty beyond that 2-3inch mark. Also these tubes are inexpensive...4 footers for a double pack are like 2-5 Bucks at home depot...cheers

    P.S. Buds from flouros can be potent ...really potent but you will not gain the weight or density that a HPS will give you.
  4. just a suggestion...
    u can go and buy a HPS at home depo for 45$ 250watts
    if u think u have any prob with ur lights or u wanna upgrade...this is the way to go
    250watts gives off about 4000+lumen's and that should be enough to get the bulk that he was talking about
    flor's on the sides and 250hps hangin from the top will be all u need in a closet.

    also i agree that grow lights arnt any better
    but i will say that 3 cool whites/1 warm red is better than 50/50 and cheaper
  5. it basicly doesnt matter when it comes down to flouros i havnt used them in years i would also suggest to buy a decent HPS light at home depot for like 45 bux or w.e its worth it
  6. HPS with side floro's can sure put alot of weight on. much more than a top HPS

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