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  1. 1rst grow and im hardheaded:smoke:
  2. i just started seeds hatch planning on torture and makin a bonzai:smoke: got the stock aerogrow system and 18 hours pass all seeds hatch even got mint in the middle i will put pics as soon as it is worth it
  3. Weed Plant.jpg these are pics just in i have 2 seeds in practicly a sponge one 4rm bagseed and the other northern lights mixed with shiva check it out prepare 4 the torture:smoke:
  4. i seen purple on the neck of the tree like were its usually green or yellow and it was the first one that sprouted it has purple:smoke: hope it she(feminized given ass a gift and damn right share it:hello: :smoking: :smoking: :smoking:) grows purple but its actually real close to a bagseed (that was the second one that hatched) and i hope it doesnt kill or damage the plant in any way so! HELP?would two seeds actually in the same medium that close be harmfull let me know cuz i will move them now that there small!!!! :ey: :bolt: :yay:
  5. nobody want to help a chico out but its cool both growing sttraight away and started 'lst' holla at yo boy also went to the hospital help with ladys labor and my baby boy weighs 8 lbs. 1ounce born 4/21/07 11:36 am i was tryin 4/20 with a 2hour walk but couldnt. Isaiyah Ahntoni Cabrera holla at yo boy
  6. Purple stems are perfectly normal - Nothing to worry about.

    What do you have your seeds planted in? That picture is blurry I can't even see anything. It might be a little early for LST, how old are your plants?

    You should make your posts more readable. I can't make out half of your sentences.
  7. all right the that plant im going to leave it alone because it is in an aerogarden (look up aero garden or aerogrow) and the roots are too long now but heres pictures of another one

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  8. seed put in 4/16/07
  9. this is the same plant Picture 41.jpg
    another pic Picture 39 (2).jpg
    another Picture 39 (1).jpg
  10. theres alot of more detailed growth but i give it 2 days till fully visible because of my poor camera:mad:
  11. heres some pics now

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