Are we the aliens?

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  1. Think about it... One day earth is going to run out of resources. It is inevitable.. So its not hard to believe by the time this happens we will be advanced enough in technology for us to be capable of traveling to another planet with resources and life as us. So if we were more advanced we would probably exterminate them and take what we need. I think one day we will be the aliens and we will own the universe. Just a thought in a stoners mind :smoke:. what do you all think?
  2. all that would be unnecessary imo
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    This world has found free-energy sources, for the past 35+ so years now. The problem is that's not what the leaders care about. They don't care about saving/harvesting Earth's natural sources effectively. They care about effectively deciding the price to charge people for it. When we ALL could have been using free energy for a long time now......:confused:

    But perhaps we will leave mother Earth and more forward to a new beginning. But I do not believe that day is anytime soon :smoke: Butttt ya never know. And if anything, it would be visa-versa. Extraterrestrial life on other planets are way m,ore evolved than us........So causing harm towards them, which we have, is just fucking stupid..........

    And by the way........we are all aliens :)
  4. The government already has the technology to achieve this. The universe is so unbelievably huge that the likelihood of us finding other intelligent being on an Earth-like planet is quite unlikely. It has been proposed based on recent finding that there is likely hundreds if not thousands of Earth-like planets in our own solar system, they actually appear to be quite common. If in fact we happened to run across another intelligent species, then they would be our universal brothers, no one would be aliens, unless we decided to treat them like they do in Avatar, then we would be the piece of shit aliens.
  5. How do we have this technology? It would take over 1,000 years going lightspeed to even reach outside our own galaxy
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    You don't even want to know all the useful things our government has hiding from us..... *coughmanipulativebastardscough* :smoke: One of the many is a little something called 'zero-point energy'
  7. Ya know what? If I were a member of an advanced civilization I'd see if they had any weed machines. Or maybe some decent looking android chicks that liked to fuck. That's what.
  8. hmmm.... Well im 18.. So if i start now i might be able to become president in 30 years, legalize weed, and expose government secrets. Yep im doing it :rolleyes:

  9. we already have that on earth.
  10. These planets are in our galaxy there sir. Planets in the "goldilocks zone" have been found within reach of even technology the general public knows of.

    Do you think the governments would allow us to know what they are capable of?
  11. Do these planets have resources on them? Life? :eek:. Tell me what you know
  12. We do??? Where?
  13. Well you never really do know until your ass lands on it do you? It's been theorized that out of the thousands of planets that are not too far and not too close to it's sun in our galaxy, that there must be quite a few of them with many similar elements that are on earth. It's also been said that many of the elements we have here likely came from other places like comets and asteroids.

    We could have originally been a bacteria on the face of an asteroid that landed on a habitable planet and evolved as such
  14. You just watched Avatar, didn't you?

  15. hey im planning on doin that too. among many other things as prez ill change.

    ill be there in 35+ years, seeya around

    o yeah, op, its like were a bacteria on this planet. were destroying it. granted, its only been a short time. earths been here billions of years. it will get rid of us one day.
  16. I actually watched a 2 hour show yesterday on discovery that explained this theory. When you look at things like this it can really make alot of people question their faith. I was christian from birth but now I cant even wrap my mind around the idea that any religion people believe on earth is truely the correct one.
  17. If ya can't destroy your own planet then what can ya destroy? People shit in their own beds, right? I know fucking well there are those that burn down their own homes and sometimes the goofy fuckers even shoot themselves in the head. Then with all that shit in mind - we can destroy this planet if we want.
  18. Humans will fight extinction even if it means launching only a few people into space to live in a space station with years of food supplies. It will be harder for earth to get rid of us than the dinosaurs.
  19. youuu know, theres this theory;
    the evolution of man was goingg so slow, we were soo big and dumb, being caveman and shit and then we made this extraordinary strides in technology and art and science,
    its so unexplainable and my teacher was telling us she was watching this program with all these scientists and people who were convinced that extraterrestial life came here, a very very long time, and bred with our species to createe us:
    i believe this, becausee we can be so primitive in our nature, yett some can be veryy philosophically wise and emotionally wise. thiss could be a mixturee between our species.

    alsoo i totally believe we all have telepathy. :)
  20. Damn.... Now thats a deep mind fuck

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