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Are we straight?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dazed24, May 13, 2010.

  1. So my friend just bought for his first time from some kid he said he kind of knows from school. He got 0.8 g total of Master OG Kush (nug) and a little Jack Herer. He paid $7 does the kid not know what he's doing so he sold it that cheap or did he fuck with it? This will almost be my first high adventure, so any comments or anything i should do that'll make me enjoy it at the best will be helpful! Might have some Brownies too. :hello:
  2. That's what im thinking, but the thing is the guy never sold he usually smokes to himself and my friend just said if i give you like 7 dollars how much can you give me and he said .8...i think i'll be able to get a pic but if not, does that still seem suspicious?
  3. You really shouldn't waste your money and buy < gram IMO. If your getting that then your definately not going to be making brownies on ten sacks, so find a good brownie recipe to learn just how much it takes to make a batch of brownies. I was just talking to some kid on another thread who just got caught at school with guess what? WEED. No, drug deals at school are never acceptable and your stupid for doing that at school.
  4. congrats on your first high adventure.

    Dealers like to give their product attractive names..or real names of existing strains so consumer will buy them without question.

    Some dealers know what they are getting..if they know the grower..and the grower got his seeds from a reputable source.

    The only true way to know that your getting that exact strain is going to a dispensary..Growing it yourself..know a grower who gets his seeds from a seed bank.

    i don't think he fucked with it..could be mids..could be dank idk.
    just have fun on your adventure be safe and don't do anything you wouldn't do sober.

    bring some water and gum for cottonmouth and irritated throat.

    Have fun.
  5. We're not making the brownies, a friend of mine who will hook it up is going to give me some. For the second part, we're not doing it at school, its a friend from his school that hooked him up somewhere else.
  6. as long as its at least some good mids if you got .8 plus a little more for 7 bucks thats a ok deal.
  7. Thanks man, anything i should be aware of on my first high?
  8. How good does it look? Are there a lot of orange hairs/crystals and there's no seeds? If so id say you guys got an alright deal.

    Dank goes for $20 a gram in some places.
  9. Yeah, like the person above said, you might not get high, My third time I was soooo out of it. It will be a feeling you wish you will have.
  10. I might not get high? Are you serious lol fuck i wanna have a good time...Def well be out for hours till were back.

    Here are some pictures he sent me, he can't take em out so sorry if it's impossible to tell.

  11. #11 blackbur, May 13, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 13, 2010
    Just relax and go with it and enjoy the ride, don't try and stop being high.
    I've seen a lot of people do crazy stuff because they felt really uncomfortable being high for the first time in the end they just crashed on my couch and watched cartoons.

    Might want to bring some cash for some might feel the munchies eat only as much as you can stomach.. I've seen people over-eat and end up throwing up cause theres no room in their bellies.

    You might feel paranoid it will usually go away so its nothing to really worry about unless you have a history of panic attacks..

    Btw your heartbeat will increase..just be ready for that.

    Smoke until your comfortably high..don't go overboard especially since its your first time.
  12. Mids? That's not good weed right? Ima' try and get some other shit than some dank not that for my first experience i want it to be bomb haha.

    We're going to be smoking half out of blunt half piece.
  13. Yea i want dank cause i want my first time to be bomb haha. Should i stick to the piece?
  14. Nah he knows how to Roll. But piece will be good so thanks.

    Eh, just i thought dank on my first time would be sick you know, and well be out for a while just chillen in a car so we cant get caught you know.
  15. whatever you feel is right for you, you should do.

    if you feel like you want some dank for your first time try it :)

    Go for it bro
  16. Will dank like do some way too trippy shit for me on first time?

  17. dank will be more euphoric
    your senses will be amplified
    calm behavior
    increased heartbeat
    relaxed muscles
    increased hunger
    you might notice things your normally don't.

    you can trip on weed if its laced..but normally that costs extra, and thats no fun because it takes away from the weed :(.
  18. Don't be surprised if you don't feel anything your first, second, or possibly third time from smoking.
    but just in case...
    dont forget to bring..
    1) Delicious beverage
    2) Delicious chips
  19. i think one of two things is going to happen- either you wont get high at all, which happens to alot of smokers on their first high- including myself. either that or you will get so high on your "dank" that you wont be able to handle it and youll freak out. hope your experience is in the middle of these 2 extremes.
  20. Don't sweat it man, it's not rocket science. There's a quarter million people registered on this forum that toke and that's a very small percentage of all the tokers worldwide. If it was that complicated or difficult, there wouldn't be so many people who smoke right? The more relaxed about it you are going in, the less chance you'll feel weird when you're buzzed. Do a couple nice hits and take a 15 or 20 minute break to see how it feels, then do some more if it feels right. You'll be fine. A couple beers on the side is always nice too :D

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