Are we really destroying the earth?

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  1. I drove past an old amusement park that closed down before I was born and if i hadn't seen pics of the amusement park I would have called bull shit because its all woods now.

    I hear a lot of people say all we do is take from the earth but with the exception of space ships, what are we really taking?

    I think were destroying the ecosystem for what we see as life on earth, not earth. If we frack and can't drink the water the water isn't "gone". We just can't drink it. The water will continue to flow with some added chemicals in it. But those chemicals came from the earth itself.
  2. We are not destroying the earth just creating a higher entropy ratio.
    Eventually the ratio will reach a point which is no longer sustainable and then population control or resource mitigation will become the deciding factor of our fate.
  3. we're slowly making the earth less inhabitable for humans, but its far from uninhabitable today. to say we are destroying the planet is quite the overstatement, to the planet we are nothing more than a nuisance, if that. life will continue on without us as it did before us. 
  4. Nope.  This is juuuuust a dream.

  5. We destroy our own environment not.unlike all animals

    All we will do is make it hard on ourselves

    Life will find a way around us

    So no. We aren't destroying the "world" only ourselves anand some animals that live around us

  6. No. The earth has been through major earthquakes, hurricanes, a bombs, etc. and continues to thrive. It heals itself. The only thing humans created that the earth can't relieve itself from is plastic.
  7. Give it time, I'm sure some sort of microbe will evolve to consume it and break it down..

    We've had 5 mass extinctions here on Earth already, coming up on the 6th.. and we are mostly to blame for it, but we can only hurt the Earth, not kill it. Even if we wipe out most the life on Earth, including ourselves, life will still live.
  8. all were destroying is ourselves meaning the human race, earth as a planet will continue on until....well who knows...but humans on this planet will die off or relocate sooner or later....most of us probably wont live to see it, but it will happen.
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    it is human nature to consume, everything... food, time, property, space, thoughts, etc... we'll kill endangered species, we'll pollute the land, sea, air, and space. we'll genetically alter natural life for consumption to feed our lives. we know no bounds. we are taught from young not hurt, harm, etc... yet, here we are, kids, blissfully stomping insects.

    but I'm high, so...
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    Not destroying it, but making it less inhabitable.

    I'm pissed about nuclear holocaust though. As long as we have nukes, there's a chance for a nuclear holocaust to happen. And that shit would fuck up so many great things on Earth.
  11. It's arrogant for humans to even think that they make that much of an impact.
    Mother nature could wipe us the fuck out with a few earthquakes, super volcanoes, diseases and floods.
  12.  it isn't like the earth is going to blow up from what we are doing. its more like you said the exosystem. humans are responsible for a lot of species going extinct. we are also ruining natural land and changing the chemistry of the oceans. just think if we cant drink the water then probably nothing else can. 
         is the world considered destroyed when it can no longer hold life? I would say in terms of human survival than fuck yes we are.  pretty soon if we keep going at the rate we are we wont have any natural resources left.
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    Of course we are shitting in our own it irrepairable? Probably, if only because we are greedy , shortsighted animals who appear to be incapable or unwilling to change. Take fossil fuels for instance...we currently have the technology to halve our use of the dirty stuff ..we have that ability now without another discovery being made...BUT, the environment issue is totally politicized and Liberals want total capitulation and change now, whatever the economic cost and conservatives dont want to change a damn thing ever, even if it hairlips everybody on Shem Creek...the two sides are currently irreconcilable. Most of the posters are correct in saying that the earth has an amazing capacity to heal itself...but that takes eons...which the earth has...we, as a specie may not. We are running hell for leather towards extinction and personally, I could care less. My own choices would side with the Liberals and science but I am realistic to know that greed, ignorance and apathy will win the days right up until the moment we realize its too late.
  14. life will find a way

  15. Destroying the earth or just chugging along the natural path of evolution and progression?

    Fuck the earth.
    It's the moon we oughta worry about.
    I hear there's aliens up there.
  16. Yea the earth recycles its self and in a million or so years this will all be burned up in the core anyways
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    Oh yes we are vastly fucking it up, actually our greatest achievement has been that we changed the chemistry of an entire planet.
    You should check out weather history post British industrialization, which began mid to late 1700s.  Check the year without a summer. Should be 1776, or 77, fairly sure it is 76 with about 99.9%. 
  18. We are ignorant and sowing the seeds of our own destruction. There's nothing wrong with that, except that we have the potential and capacity to become vastly more conscious of our interactions and overcome our self-destructive behavior. Our issue is that we have a very unconscious populace, tugged along by habits of culture. Humans are still incredibly ignorant and unaware of much. These are things to be rectified, but that may only happen when some effort and focus is applied.
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    An okd Mexican lady came up to my.poarch the other day and asked for my cans tto recycle.

    At my work we recycle all.our boxes. At the casinos they pay people to dig through the trash and sort out recyclables

    Every day people are working.on making the world greener

    I think we will be just fine.

    China is the big problem.right now. They are nnow at where America was, but have over 10x the population we had.

    If they don't learn faster than we did, they could destroy the world themselves

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    I believe I acturally read somewhere that China is more actively trying to improve their country in terms of pollution, energy production and living standards. They just have a lot of obstacles because of the way their country currently works. America and other similar countries on the other hand, are not actively applying much effort. In the end, big corporate interests take precedence, and they often care more about a money than people or the earth.

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