Are we randomly born to a family or specifically assigned for a reason?

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  1. Any great stone thought I had, honestly I don't know how to answer this.
  2. depends on what you believe. i think its all random cause theres no evidence to indicate its not all random
  3. If it's not random then whoever assigned me my family has a twisted sense of humor.

    But, to answer your question, I think it's all random.
  4. Sperm meets egg, baby results based on the genetic makeup and shit behind that all. What do you mean random?
  5. Well you see, when a mommy and a daddy love each other very much....
  6. I've always thought about this. o_O
  7. Absolutely. It's so that if you need an organ, there will be good donors nearby.
  8. I live in a family where everyone, father, sister, grandmother, cousins, uncles, and aunts are all so conservative they fit in with Glenn beck.

    And I'm a communist who wants to revolutionize the country for the better of all man, and leave behind the old ways of American individualism.

    Was I born into this he'll randomly or was it pre- ordained. Hopefully I just have shot luck.
  9. We are randomly born. A sperm comes from your daddy's balls and flies through his penis into your momma's vagina. That sperm travels towards the egg, fighting off other sperm and fertilizing it. You are then born as a genetic mixture of your father and mother. You are not "assigned" to a family...this isn't the Matrix.
  10. Thanks for explaining something that had nothing to do with the topic.
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    what do you mean it had nothing to do with the topic?

    Your question makes it sound like individuals and families exist as some kind of entity before they enter the physical realm, and then some fairy comes along and chooses which family you will be a part of.

    Kind of a bizarre thing to imagine...the guy explained how things happen.
  12. Yeah ask the Communist countries how that has worked out for them eh?
  13. theres nothing random about it, look at you and then look at your parents theres a good chance you look like one of them or both.
  14. It's the fact that we are born to those set of parents. Was there a predetermined factor that I was going to end up with my parents or was it more a lottery drawing?
  15. You don't get what people are saying because it isn't the answer you want to hear.

    The "predetermined factor" is that your mom fucked your dad.

    But since science is not what you are looking for in this thread, I'll tell you what you want to hear:

    "Yes, some mystical super-being determined that you belong with your family. Why? You will probably never know. But there is a reason. Have Faith."

  16. Well, look at the bright side, when you finally revolutionize America, you can send you're entire family to the gulags!

    On a more serious note.....I dont know the answer to the OP's question, but I imagine there is some kind of creator putting stuff together in a mysterious way.
  17. I'd have to say neither.

    You can't be specially assigned to a family because there is no such thing as YOU before the two people do the humpty dance. "you" and ''I" are non existent before sperm meets egg.

    The genetic make up of those, plus your surroundings and upbringing once you are born, creates, what is essentially, you.
  18. Stupid thread...
  19. I think its all meant to be because there is no evidence to indicate otherwise =)

    I'll go Yin and you go Yang :D
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    dont you love how many atheists are such stuck up snobs talking down to people simply cause they cant grasp the concept of faith and seem to have a difficulty accepting other peoples views simply because they cant wrap their heads around it

    edit- to the op
    i think your question has a lot to do with the concept of reincarnation, perhaps your actions in the past life have effect on the situations you face in this life...who knows¿

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