Are we living in Oceania from 1984?

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  1. For anyone that has read George Orwell's classic 1984, how close do you think our current world is to the dystopia presented? We can only perceive how closely it resembles this from the perspective of "proles" or the "outer party" since those would be our designated social classes in such a scenario. Regardless of this, I still feel like Orwell wrote a fairly accurate description of our current situation.

    Look at the way the proles in the book lived. Politics is mostly irrelevant to them, world events are unknown or told to them through the filtering lens of the state, and they lived in a state of existence that is bleak and detached from reality. Their days are spent chasing fulfillment in absurdities like football games and bar hopping. The lottery is universally seen as the only route to truly fulfill your life through becoming rich and powerful. The Proles live in a free market economy while the ruling elites function in an entirely detached, government sanctioned sector of the economy.Talk of different social systems or ways of life are not discouraged because they are unable to be comprehended. It is obvious that many events happening in our world today could easily be interchanged into the 1984 storyline.

    Which image is from 1984? Could you tell if you haven't seen them before?


  2. I have to read animal farm as set-work, George Orwell really understood politics and he explains it in his novels
  3. To be fair many of the troubling things in the book have been present throughout history.

    1. Indoctrination that leads to blind faith/obedience.
    2. The use of external enemies to project a groups own problems. (scapegoats)
    3. The murder of those who refuse to participate in the madness.
  4. Well I'm mostly concerned about the current income inequality. Society's wealth structure is getting to be very similar to the wealth structure in 1984.
  5. Buy a fifth of your favorite liquor and read 1984.

    You'll enjoy it.
  6. no not 1984. But its something along those lines, except ours is more scary. Its not blatantly obvious like the movies. For one he got the date wrong - 1984, i dont think it will ever be made obvious to the masses. thats the scary part.

    its not everyone bundling together for rations, and wearing the same clothes.

    its everyone repeat what you here in the mass media, follow the trends we allow you to have, worship pop culture.

    the shows like dr phil, hoarders, oprah -are the freak show of the circus. Because it would be wrong to take the mentally ill and deformed and put them up for show like they did in the old days at the circus, so they have to mask it in "were going to help them" or "lets just interview them, get to know there life story"

    while shows like pawn stars, hardcore pawn, 16 and pregnant, mob housewives, wrestling - these are the acrobats and lion tamers.

    so id say were half roman empire style, and half 1984.
  7. Yes.

    Yes we (the West) are.

    Just stop and ask yourself how much you know about the crimes of your nation compared to those of, say, Afghanistan and then ask yourself what you know of the history of your/our allies (i.e. for an American look to Britain). Unless you've done the research yourself (and that's the main difference between reality and the fiction of 1984. We still have access to literally millions of different sources of information, rather than The State) you wont be able to answer.
  8. I think we are getting very close, soon they will take away our guns in the name of safety, monitor every aspect of our lives because of the war on "terror", and who knows what the future will hold?

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