are we in anyway related to aliens?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by not the police, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. we have similar body type and structure we both are bipedal,arms in the same place, etc. are we in anyway related or is it just a evolutionary coincidence?
  2. Who ever said aliens are bipedal and have arms in the same place, etc? I demand photographic evidence!!! ;)
  3. Who said that aliens even exist :)

    Kinda hard to compare us to aliens if they don't exist.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's because the ailens you saw where human actors...
  5. i don't rule out the possibility. intelligent design doesn't have to mean a bearded man in the sky created us. think of the possibility that a life form vastly more intelligent than ourselves manipulated genetics they found suitable in order to create a society that would suit their needs, and implemented it right here on earth.

    hasn't anyone wondered why humans have for so long amassed gold in a few locations on earth?
  6. yeah its pretty trippy
  7. we are aliens.
  8. who's "we"
  9. you obviously didn't watch "Alien Autopsy".. i mean what more proof do you need? :rolleyes: :D
  10. Yes. we are Marshins(sp?).

    from Mars.

    I love the Internet. Ever since it's development humans have gotten much smarter.:rolleyes:
  11. you and the french oh ya the russians too:rolleyes:

    We as in humans! who else?
  12. Perhaps. . .
    I'm an illegal alien, and some of you suckers look like my cousins, mayne.
  13. We are all related. We are all one.
  14. ain't we though?
  15. true this. it's completely possible, but we have no hard evidence that aliens even exist... but I'm waiting for it :cool:

  16. lmao wheres the evidence of this..

    havent we just created this image based on what we imagine aliens look like
    and so like.. funnily enough its not all that different from what we look like.

    blazed and confused :cool:
  17. depending on what kind of alien we are talking about here.
    if space aliens do exist, i believe we are related to them.
    but what do we mean by related? same blood?
    i feel that we are all interconnected through the entanglement theory, thus drawing connection then with anything. even aliens, if there is such life. i believe in a cosmic higher power, i guess a god. or a cosmic christ to an extent. so yeah, i think so.
  18. aliens would be any other creature in the universe, not on earth. i think aliens would be very similar to the animals on earth. all needing the same basic elements to evolve through the years. the only difference would be how long on their journey of evolution they are. think if some civilization found earth hundreds of thousands of years from now. things would be much different! vise versa going backwards in time as well.
  19. anything is possible considering how huge and old the universe is.

    I mean...there can be a species out there a billion years more advanced then maybe they would somehow find where we are. maybe they found the planet before anything was on it, maybe they wont for thousands of years, or maybe they are watching us while we dont even know it, cuz hell, if they can get here why cant they can go invisible.

    maybe were just a genetic engineering test, and they interacted with us early on and we explained them as gods. It is kinda wierd that some of the oldest cave drawings have space ships.

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