Are we doomed?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by KB_124, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. In my stonedness i gotta question. Now I don't think anyone wants to see what happened to to happen here.. But can it be avoided with this site growing? Did Yahooka make an error somewhere or were they doomed from the start.. It used to be my only forum before I found this place. And ever since I registered here I completly stopped posting there and would only stop in for a minute every few months. I just re-visted that place and wow.. It's gone downhill and i though it was allready going downhill when I left.. The place is over-run by people who can't post a message without calling somebody a fag or being an asshole in general.
    So back to my question. Did it happen simply because they grew into a much larger site than what it was when I first started going there? Or were there other reasons? I sure don't ever want to see that happen to the city :)
  2. There was no controle over there , here the moderators run 24/7 to run this board smoothly and stay on topic, as long sombody cares it will not happen to the city.

    Just m 2 cents!


  3. Well thank you, to everyone that puts the effort into making this one hell of a forum :)
  4. There's absolutely no way that we would let that happen. On February 13th, it will be 2 years for me here and this place is my other home and it houses my other family so I'll always do my part in not letting it go to hell like Yahooka or any other sites.

    No worries!
  5. wow, I've only been here for a month maybe and it already feels like my second here 90% of the time that I spend's crazy
  6. Like you KB, I was a soul Yahooka poster when I first discovered "THE INTERNET BULLETIN BOARD!" phenom.

    It is interesting that you brought this up, 'cause I was pondering it the other day. This is about the time that, on a member scale, 6000 to 7000, that Yahooka went to where it is now. The first hacker attack was when myself, Budhead, Critter, Big Poppa Puff, Highya, and a plethora of others came to the city. Not only did I like the features of the board better than Yahooka's, but it was a smaller place, and the asshole ratio was much better.

    Meanwhile, I don't think Lunaria really was aware of what had happened at her little place. Having a baby will kind of take your mind off things, I reckon. So it spiraled outta control, to it's current state.

    Meanwhile, (again) here at the City, that Superjoint dude^^^
    you just saw up there a minute ago, keeps an eye on things. A most excellent fellow. Gives the mods the tools and lets them do their job. All of the mods are Yahookans, or know of the situation at Yahooka. There's usually at least one around all the time too. Sleep well. The City is safe.

    It won't be a dull place, where there is never a disagreement, but if someone's only come back in an argument is FAG, DICKSUCKER, etc,etc,etc, then you'll not see them here long.

    It's interesting that there have been several times here lately when I don't recognize anyone who's logged in at that moment.
    WOW! I guess the word has gotten out about the best lil' stoner hangout on the web!
  7. I to spend a lot of time at the city. Critter and I kept things running smooth in general, but we have some of the best moderators for each forum that love will buy.

    There is a quality selection when we elect people to be mods. We select the best of the people on the site.

    Smokie, RMJL, BPP, Mcurry, Nubbins, Icecream kid, Woody, Critter, Bud Burner, Me and most of all............

    Super Joint and Key67. We have a family thing going and we agree not to let this site go to hell.

    This is our home in SJ's castle. Although some of us have small rooms, we love it and respect it as our own.

    With the moderators and admins working together, There will be no Yahooka here!!!

    Enjoy our house...

    If I left any MOds or Admins out I opologise. Please accept!
  8. Thank god for that! I registered here at about the same time I did on Yahooka. On yahooka my first post got blazed but over I got a warm and polite welcome. I like this place! Thank you all you people who keep it special!
  9. You are most graciously welcome.

    And, a salute is in order for Budhead and Critter for hanging around through it all... thick and thin.

    They really are at the heart of why this place is the way it is today.





    It's great to know we're part of a good site. Fuckin' awesome.

  10. It takes us ALL To keep it running good. We all hope that our mods keep on the right track for the goodness of the site!

  11. Me included.
  12. luckily this is the first forum i found and by the way enjoy very much, but i have checked out yahooka and it was horrible
    keep up the good work
  13. yea i went to yahooka for like 30 seconds before i left
    just looked sucky
  14. This is also my first forum. And I love it. And if u guys ever have trouble and need more mods id but more then happy to help.
  15. this place is safe.

    nice people atract nice people. and since we have an excellent team of mods, we'll always enjoy the lap of luxury in terms of character quality. ;)

    its not all nicey nice threads like this, there are heated debates that go on. but thats what makes it interesting.

    YOU FAG!

  16. Thanks to the moderators, I have visited other sites but keep coming back to this one. I wont stick around long if the kiddies start to overrun a site and start with the F!@# you and the F!@# this and that and all the other crap that comes along with irresponsible posting. Good job guys.

  17. i just found this sight o and i'm verry glad i did .i'm stuck in kentucky in the usa and its all pine bud here and this room has given me new hope in the pot life style.. thanks to all the true stoners and dead heads out there ..we are a familt and i love you guy's of course im stoned now but i mean this man ..

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  18. I'm glad that you found the City, eazzy!!! You'll like it here...especially if you already love us because we all dig a good lovefest every once and a while! :)
  19. no..... i dont think so....... too many people care about this site to let it go to waste. and there are mods everywhere doing a great job, so i dont think that will happen here, ever! hopefully not!:( that would suck!

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