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Are we Beacons of the Cannabis Cause?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lunarpig, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. -Good morning my fellow stoners. A midst my dawn wake and bake i had a thought!:eek:-

    Are we all (and be "We" this time i mean out of the closet, people know i smoke "pot smokers") unknowing beacons? Those who mite know we smoke and maybe ignorant to cannabis's true and full potential, ignorant to its true affects and defects. Do they (the non smokers) use us to measure cannabis as a drug, as a culture, whatever(etc)..
    The same people that we meet day to day, interact with have relationships with laugh and love with, are the same people sitting in the jurry of your court case. they are the ones in the ballot box on cannabis initiative day. And when they sit there marking yes or no for the legalaztion of cannabis and they think of you what will they vote?

    to stoned? :smoking:

    Or am i rite:eek:?!

    If i am

    Are you a good beacon? Did you just relize you mite be effing it up for the rest of us?

  2. Wow, wonderful wonderful post man!

    Looking at myself and how I portray marijuana and its uses, I feel like I am a great beacon. I speak of how it has positively affected my social life, spiritual life, and the way I see this world around me.

    Great way of looking at it. Let the people who are standing in the voting booths think of you and realize its not a bad thing to mark yes on that ballot.

    +rep bro.
  3. Good topic. I work a job where I interact with a lot of customers, I live in Cali with my medical so I toke up at work. I'm medicated around people a lot and I always try to be a little mindful of how I act so I give a positive view towards the subject.
  4. im a beacon..

    say hi to Maryland medical cannabis policy:confused:
    we need it anyway...way too many potsmokers in Maryland slacking on their God-given rights.

    so in short, stand up standup where ever you are...We need you.. for more info.
  5. Very interesting topic , I would say im quite a beacon , I always say how much it has improved my personality itself and made me a better person to be with!

    I'm always positive about marijuana and its effects and defects etc.
    Always speak the truth though : )
  6. People will remember your actions longer then your words.
    As Cannabis users whatever we do will speak either for or against the plant in the eyes of the non-user.
  7. I will protest this inane war until it's won! I will not rest until people wake up and realize this is the exact same thing as the Alcohol Probation period!

    So, yes, I consider myself a beacon. It has changed my life entirely.
  8. if i were a beacon, id be a "million candle" LED flashlight xD but seriously. i keep my grades up and have plenty of non stoner friends who think im responsible when im high. Im an eagle scout and a member of order of the arrow. if a stoner can do it, cannabis is not the problem.
  9. every one that knows me, knows that i smoke.

    i've been telling every one that i will become a marijuana activist...
    and they keep calling me crazy.

    the college i went to (LSU) had a study on mary jane is comparison to cigarettes.
    i tried to explain the results to someone and they said i was lying.

    i keep telling ppl to educate themselves and go to
    but they just think its stoner ramblings when i start talking like that.

    so i guess that means i am a good one.
    i either talk about that or the fact that there is something in me that feels like i should be recycling.
  10. also, did you marijuana has properties that help fight against cancer?

    thats one of the reasons why i will continue to smoke.
    my grandfather and my mother died of cancer...neither one of them smoked.

    fuck that. i'm gonna always get high.
  11. Well If you want to prevent cancer I'd suggest vaporizing 100%!
  12. i'm so interested in that.
    but...i just gotta get one...right?

    and i think that's the main problem cause around here we just got a bunch of glass, gars and papers.

  13. I swear Maryland is just the worst state for smoking pot. Too many of my friends and acquaintances get caught here. And the bud is only as good as the people you know. And mostly here where i live the dealers are all assholes who promote their shit and you go buy, its fucking mids of course.

    But yes i do think im a good beacon. I try to spread my knowledge about cannabis to everyone i know. Its pretty much an ongoing topic at my work =]
  14. I'd say i'm doing a pretty good job. I smoke the most pot out of pretty much all my friends cept one or two. I have 5 years of work experience working for engineering ( since I was 15). Just spent the last 2 months in Germany working with engineers. I'm a junior incollege and smoke every day. My entire family knows i smoke and has seen how it has posotiviely affected my life. gonna go wake and bake pCE!
  15. nice to see another eagle out here in the city
  16. i have absolutely no idea what i just read. :smoking:
  17. your logic is good, but unfortunately not everyone smokes weed, and society has always moved away from cannabis for a long time because of its lethargic properties; a busy place and busy people that make our towns and cities run can't always smoke a j so they can't always vouch that mary jane is this god given gift. it's all up to us and what we decide when it comes down to the whole decisionmaking that goes behind choosing to or choosing not to blaze.
  18. I'm an avid advocate of the "cause", I smoke in public and walk to my own drum beat, I educate people if they're willing and open to new ideas.
    I don't flaunt the fact I smoke cannabis, it's just something I do that I share with almost all I come into contact with. You'd be surprised how many people will take a hit around town.
  19. ;)

    Man i believe your comment.:smoking: Some people cant smoke weed. I asked my mom and she said she gets really paranoid and I'm guessing it would be bad for her work.

    ME on the other hand loves to get stoned doing everything(working, gigging, fun times) Test work is fine but i cannot pay attention to long ass speeches for something that I'm not interested in.:wave:

    I would always wear my marijuana seal of approval. I always compare it to cigarettes.

    Also yeah smoke isn't good for the lungs. Vape if you want to really stop all cancer forming cells.
  20. I find myself to be a shining beacon :D

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