Are we all part of a book?

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  1. I've been reading the book Niebla, by Spanish author Miguel de Unamuno. There's a lot of things in the book, but one of the big things in it is that at the end, Miguel de Unamuno enters the book as himself and actually talks with his characters. He admits that he is their author, and then a big metaphysical conversation pops up. The whole shinding ends with Miguel de Unmauno condeming Augusto, the protagonist, to death because he pisses him off.

    I guess this raises the question of are we all a part of the book written by a higher power? How do we know?

    Maybe we are all part of a book, but rather than God's book, we and everyone we know are a part of our own book. Our actions in life are kind of like us, as the authors, writing the pages of our "book".

    Hope that makes sense, but thoughts? BTW This is a large part of what my summer research entails: trying to answer this question.
  2. What exactly is your summer research about?
    Are we all some kind of author to our own personal experiences? Or collective experiences?
  3. It's basically to show that Miguel de Unamuno, a Spanish philosopher who wrote in the early 20th century, was a precursor to more well known philosophers Jean-Paul Sartre and Albert Camus.

    But yeah that's the question here and I wanted to see what other people thought.
  4. In ancient Greek mythology there are some old ladies who are weawing a blanket containing the faith of everyone in the world.

    Also, I once read a Sweedish book called Sophie's World which is also available in English. It's written by a school teacher who wanted an easy way to explain philosophy to his students. In the end the characters realize that they're part of a book and fears what's going to happen to them when the book is done.

    Well, just because we exist now doesn't mean that we stop existing in the past. My finger hit the period button on my keyboard that specific moment about 15 seconds ago and it's impossible to change that fact. It hasn't be recorded by any object man has invented, but it has been recorded by time itself.

    Time is a book and life is the process of writing the past.
  5. I've known for awhile that I'm a supporting character in a short story called Archibaldo. But I can't fuck with the fourth wall too much or I'll be beaten.
  6. You hit the ball on the head with your bit about existing in the past. Our actions are what define us, and you explained exactly why.

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