Are we all just that lazy?

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  1. Dont mean to start a complaint thread, but I'm just begging all of the non voters and passive tokers to stand up... From what I see, people have alwayys been saying that cannabis is on the verge of legalization... Well god can we jump off that ledge already? This guy over here is tired of having to buy febreeze for my car that you would think has a plant growing in the trunk...

    If stoners would stop talking about how it's going to be legal soon an actually got a little more active about it, it'l come sooner than we all think...

    One of many motivational threads I'm guessing, thanks for reading
  2. I don't know about y'all, but I vote for prop. 19. I made sure I made it to the voting booth. But when I asked my friends who smoke if they voted, they said "no, it wasn't going to happen anyways" I was like, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!:eek: So yeah, next time, I'm going to be calling them up a week before voting day and call them every day up to the day of voting and remind them to vote. I'm going to do everything in my power to get people to vote yes on the next legalization bill. :D I'm going to be waving signs, handing out flyers, the whole spill.
  3. all i will ever do is vote, i'm not going to go protest shit or anything, lol.

    i know it's sad but i'm lazy. not THAT lazy though, i will always vote

  4. LAZY!!:laughing: nahh, at least your voting. Better than some people I know~
  5. Another thing to do is to keep an eye on the presidential candidates and whats going on with them. who here has kept up with what went on with the straw poll? Ron Paul got second on it barely passed up by Bachman she had a very narrow lead. WE HAVE TO BE INVOLVED IN ORDER TO GET WHAT WE WANT OUT OF THIS COUNTRY.
  6. Well if that's not a rhetorical question, then I would say in general, no. There is always more that can be done of course, but overall I think the issue is getting pushed pretty hard. I would say it has more to do with us (pot smokers) not playing their (lawmakers & corporate America) games aka using their money to get lobbyists to push for beneficial policy. Voting directly for MJ policy is one thing, but voting for candidates is menial (excluding George Bush aka the devil).

  7. Better than most of the general population. People want something, they cry about it. But when it comes to voting a simple yes, then no way. Very non-supportive if you ask me

  8. Indeed sir, indeed.
  9. I got my voting rights back in June and I WILL vote for Prop 19 next year! Im going to register to vote soon. Im very disappointed at all of the lazy stoners who "forgot" to vote last year. You guys are a shame.

  10. That is great! I encourage all Californian blades to do so!

    Love the sig btw
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    it just gets me pissed off i know what you mean! the reason it didnt happen was because everyone thought it wouldnt!

    but honestly prop 19 was very ill prepared and lots of things were left out.

    and shit man i wish you good luck to go out there and do that. im thinking about posting up signs but im a bit too much a pussy to go and hold stuff gotta admit it
  12. .....PUSSY!! I'm kidding, I'm kidding :laughing: I really hope you actually follow through with the whole posting up signs. I think it will make an impact:)
  13. Don't vote. I trust no politician, because it doesn't matter anyways. The owners of this country make the rules without your well being included.
  14. Whatever happened to rights of "life, liberty, and pursuit to happiness" anyways?

    No victim, no crime. I agree with Superweener... until my rights are taken into account, I won't be voting. Ron Paul's got my vote though.
  15. Superweener, I know plenty of local and state politicians who are good people and out there trying to help the community. You are resorting to blatant stereotypes and unmitigated claims.

    Abstaining from the vote only empowers the unwanted politicians.

    Don't blame the system. People who crave power often become politicians. This doesn't mean the system is corrupt, just that its been hijacked by those who are more inclined to gain and manipulate power (who are often also easily corruptable.)

    DBV, what if getting involved is the only way to get your "rights taken into account"? Or do you just expect other people to take care of that for you?

  16. WTF is that? You must be either uneducated or a kid.

    The citizens of this nation run this country/government.

    Like the title of the thread say, "we are just that lazy" to get active. We think someone else will do our job.

    To be an American is to be a Patriot. To be a patriot is to stand up against unjust laws and to take a stand when there needs to be a standing.

    Wake up. If you don't like the way things are going run for your local office. Everyone starts from the bottom. - The only thing is once you get to be someone will you fall to the will of the money or the will of the people?
  17. I don't think it's laziness it's just ignorance. All these "there's no point in voting due to xyz". "It wasn't gonna get passed anyway", or my favorite "why would you want it legalized?" It's pretty sickening and just plain sad.
    Vote or I better not hear you complaining. Educate yourselves and others. Ron Paul 2012, without a doubt I'm voting for him and I hope you all do as well.
  18. make it into a motivational poster and u got legal weed
  19. It's kinda hard to get out and rally when you live in the middle of nowhere and don't have a car..

    But if you wanna bring it to my house i'll join

  20. I believe this justifies this thread.

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